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Release Notes - Version 1.12.0

Released on January 27, 2023

We are very excited to ship the January 2023 Hummingbot release (v1.12.0) today! See below for the highlights in this release.

Epoch 3 Polls Changes

Recently, we finished the first set of Polls, a new initiative that lets HBOT holders decide how the Foundation allocates its engineering bandwidth and developer bounties across the components in the Hummingbot codebase. Based on the results of the Polls, below are the outline of the changes made initially in this release.

  • Adjusted the documentation pages for each Exchange Connector and Strategy
  • Removed exchange connectors that did not meet the Minimum Voting Power Threshold from the codebase
  • Removed Fixed Grid and Arbitrage strategies since they did not meet the Minimum Voting Power Threshold
  • Running the connect command reflects the CEX connector tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze), also a new command was added gateway list to display all available DEX connectors and their tiers

For more details of the Epoch 3 poll results check out this blog post:

Orchestration Module Phase I

Last year, the community voted to allocate a bounty to fund development of an orchestration module that lets users control multiples instances of Hummingbot. See this Notion doc for an overview of the project.

Phase 1 will provide a clean communication and messaging layer and allow for remote control and monitoring of multi-bot environments in a distributed context. Meaning that bots can "live" on different machines and infrastructures (e.g. having a bot local and another bot on AWS).

To achieve this approach, Phase 1 implements an MQTT layer for bots to connect remotely to message brokers, as a single point of reference, using asynchronous bidirectional communication channels (push/pull). In this architecture, bots can be considered as clients to the overall environment. Bot scaling is seamless and does not require any further setup, anyone can connect any number of bots the a message broker (e.g. RabbitMQ, EMQX etc) without any other dependencies.

Outline of the features included in Phase I

  • Interface to execute remote commands - Start , Stop , Import , Config strategy, Balance , Change balance limits

  • All these commands can be called using an unified web application that also receives the following information from the bots - Heartbeat - Status, PNL - History

  • The configuration of the broker in the client should be in the conf_client.yml file

See this page for a requirements doc for this project and past discussions.

Thanks to klpanagi and TheHolyRoger for your work! 🙏

hedge Strategy Updates

Key changes:

  • Add more info to facilitate debugging.
  • Refactor the status screen and add more information and log
  • Fixed position name referring to True and False to ONE-WAY and HEDGE
  • Fixed issues related to typing
  • For hedge by amount, a. change the matching of pairs from the match by trading pair to match by base asset b. change hedge price calculation for hedge by the amount to use mid-price instead of VWAP price. i. This is mainly used to calculate the market price to put since hummingbot only allows limit orders. Users can still increase slippage to guarantee their trade is made.

Thanks to leastchaos for this contribution! 🙏

New Exchange Connector: CI-EX

Centurion Invest Exchange (CI-EX)'s vision is to bring avant-gardist investment tools and instruments into one platform, bridging the fiat and forex world with cryptocurrency through multiple services. See the CI-EX documentation for more information.

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

New Gateway Chain: Cosmos

This release adds a Cosmos chain base that can be used to add other Cosmos-based chains and connectors like Sifchain.

See the Cosmos documentation for more information.

Thanks to pecuniafinance for this contribution! 🙏

Gateway UX improvements

We've added multiple ways users can approve tokens for spending on Gateway in this pull request

  • 6005 Added methods to approve tokens

  • Using the approve-token command

  • Approve manually using the DEX interface
  • Approve manually using Etherscan

See the Gateway Setup documentation page for more information on how to approve tokens.

Also removed the auto approval method from Gateway and added the btc.b token to the tokenlist

  • 5997 Removed auto approval from gateway_evm_amm
  • 6016 Added the btc.b token to the Avalanche tokenlist

Other Fixes and Updates

  • 4922 Removed duplicated property in the PMM strategy Thanks to takuya29 for this fix! 🙏
  • 5499 Fixed issue with the time display in Hummingbot Thanks to theomaniac for this fix! 🙏
  • 5976 Refactored the Binance perpetual connector to the latest standards Thanks to yancong001 for this fix! 🙏
  • 5982 Fixed issue with the custom API feature not working in the PMM strategy
  • 5999 Fixed issue with the import command crashing when given file_name is wrong Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏
  • 6008 Removed the suspend and restore feature from the start and exit commands Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏
  • 6011 Fixed issue with delay in updating the total balance Thanks to supervik for this fix! 🙏