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Exchange Connectors

An exchange connector integrates with the API of a crypto exchange to enable high-frequency, two-way communication between the Hummingbot client and the exchange.

Exchange types

Hummingbot exchange connectors try to standardize trading logic and order types across many different exchanges. Connectors are designed to handle specific exchange types:

  • spot: Connectors to central limit order book (CLOB) exchanges that trade spot markets
  • perp: Connectors to central limit order book (CLOB) exchanges that trade perpetual swap markets
  • amm: Connectors to automatic market maker (AMM) decentralized exchanges

Centralized vs decentralized exchanges

Hummingbot connects to both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges require users to enter API keys, while decentralized exchanges require users to connect their wallets to the underlying blockchain protocols.

In the future, Hummingbot aims to extend support to other exchange and asset types. Developers interested in forking Hummingbot to support other types of exchanges can discuss with the community on the #dev channels in the Hummingbot Discord.


Connectors may vary in quality. The CoinAlpha QA team keeps a rough indicator of each connector's working status:

  • Connector appears to be working properly.
  • Connector has one or more reported issues. Search for outstanding issues related to this exchange.
  • Connector does not seem to work.


Connector maintainers are responsible for fixing bugs and updating the connector when the exchange API or the Hummingbot connector spec changes.

Adding connectors

Developers may submit connectors for review by the CoinAlpha team. Please note the Contribution Guidelines.

Exchanges and other institutions can visit the official Hummingbot website, maintained by CoinAlpha, to discuss different ways to build and maintain connectors.

List of connectors


Exchange Website Protocol Maintainer Status
AscendEx CoinAlpha
Beaxy CoinAlpha
Binance CoinAlpha
Binance US CoinAlpha
Bitfinex CoinAlpha
BitMart CoinAlpha
Bittrex Global CoinAlpha
Blocktane CoinAlpha
Coinbase Pro CoinAlpha
Coinzoom CoinAlpha CoinAlpha
Digifinex CoinAlpha
FTX CoinAlpha CoinAlpha
HitBTC CoinAlpha
Huobi Global CoinAlpha
Kraken CoinAlpha
KuCoin CoinAlpha
Liquid CoinAlpha
MEXC Global CoinAlpha
NDAX CoinAlpha
OKEx CoinAlpha
ProBit Global CoinAlpha
ProBit Korea CoinAlpha
Loopring ethereum CoinAlpha
WazirX CoinAlpha


Exchange Website Protocol Maintainer Status
Binance Futures CoinAlpha
Bybit CoinAlpha
dYdX Perpetual ethereum CoinAlpha


Exchange Website Protocol Maintainer Status
Balancer ethereum CoinAlpha
Celo celo CoinAlpha
Perpetual Finance xdai CoinAlpha
Terra terra CoinAlpha
Uniswap ethereum CoinAlpha
Uniswap v3 ethereum CoinAlpha

Last update: 2021-12-17
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