Chain Connectors

Chain connectors integrate a Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchain network into Gateway, enabling wallet access, node RPC interactions, and other support needed by DEXs supported by Gateway. Each connector is customized for a particular blockchain's idiosyncrasies to enable this level of standardization, so they may should ideally have a maintainer, whose role is to ensure consistent performance by fixing bugs, incorporating API updates, and other ongoing work.

Here are the current chain connectors in the codebase, as of Q3 2023:

Chain Type Maintainer
Ethereum EVM Hummingbot Foundation
Arbitrum EVM Hummingbot Foundation
Optimism EVM Hummingbot Foundation
Avalanche EVM
Algorand Non-EVM
Cosmos Non-EVM
Cronos Non-EVM
Harmony EVM
Injective Non-EVM
Polygon EVM
XDC Chain Non-EVM
Tezos Non-EVM