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Chain Connectors

Chain connectors integrate a Layer 1 blockchain and their networks into Gateway, enabling wallet access, node RPC interactions, and other support needed by DEXs supported by Gateway. Each connector is customized for a particular blockchain's idiosyncrasies to enable this level of standardization, so they may should ideally have a maintainer, whose role is to ensure consistent performance by fixing bugs, incorporating API updates, and other ongoing work.

Chain Connector Governance

Connectors may be added by community members via New Connector Proposals, which require a minimum HBOT balance to create.

Each quarter, the Chain Connector Poll allocates HBOT bounties toward the top CEX connectors and determines which connectors should be included in the codebase going forward.

See the Connector Pots tab in HBOT Tracker for the current allocations for each chain.

List of DEX Connectors

Here are the current chain connectors in the codebase:

Exchange Type
Ethereum EVM
Avalanche EVM
Osmosis Non-EVM
Polygon EVM
Algorand Non-EVM
Cosmos Non-EVM
Cronos Non-EVM
Harmony EVM
Kujira Non-EVM
Tezos Non-EVM
XDC Chain
XRP Ledger Non-EVM