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CEX Connectors

Centralized exchange (CEX) connectors integrate into a centralized exchange's WebSocket API, enabling standardized order placement/cancellation and order book data fetching from the perspective of Hummingbot strategies. Each connector is customized for a particular exchange's idiosyncrasies to enable this level of standardization, so they may should ideally have a maintainer, whose role is to ensure consistent performance by fixing bugs, incorporating API updates, and other ongoing work.

CEX Connector Governance

Connectors may be added by community members via New Connector Proposals, which require a minimum HBOT balance to create.

Each quarter, the CEX Connector Poll allocates HBOT bounties toward the top CEX connectors and determines which connectors should be included in the codebase going forward.

See the Connector Pots tab in HBOT Tracker for the current allocations for each exchange.

CEX Connector Standards

The Notion templates below summarize the file and functionalities needed to build the latest spot and perpetual connectors standards and support V2 Strategies:

See Building Connectors for more information.

List of CEX Connectors

Here are the current CEX connectors in the codebase:

Exchange Type Spot Connector Standard Perp Connector Standard V2 Strategies Compatible Connector Guide
Binance CLOB v2.1 v2.1 Yes Guide CLOB v2.1 v2.1 Yes
Kucoin CLOB v2.1 v2.1 Yes
HTX CLOB v2.0 No - market order type not supported
AscendEx CLOB v2.0 Yes - spot only
OKX CLOB v2.1 Yes - spot only
Coinbase CLOB v1.0 No
Coinbase Advanced Trade CLOB v2.1 Yes
Kraken CLOB v1.0 No
BTC Markets CLOB v2.0 Yes - spot only
Phemex CLOB v2.0 Yes - perp only
FoxBit CLOB v2.0 Yes - spot only
HitBTC CLOB v1.0 No
Bitfinex CLOB v1.0 no
Bitget CLOB v2.0 Yes - perp only CLOB v2.0 Yes - perp only
MEXC CLOB v2.0 Yes - spot only
Bybit CLOB v2.1 v2.1 Yes - but API needs update to v5
Bitmart CLOB v2.1 Yes - spot only
Cube CLOB v2.1 Yes