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The open source, community-owned framework for crypto
market makers

Hummingbot is a modular Python framework that helps you create, backtest, and deploy fleets of automated bots that can fetch data and execute trades on any crypto exchange and blockchain

Get Started with Hummingbot 2.0 Video Walkthrough

Install Hummingbot 2.0!

git clone
cd deploy

After all Docker containers have started, access the Dashboard at http://localhost:8501 in your browser.

What can you do with Hummingbot?

  • Craft Cutting-Edge Strategies

    Design sophisticated market making, arbitrage, and directional strategies using our library of templates and script examples.

    Strategy Docs

  • Seamless Exchange Integration

    Hummingbot establishes a direct WebSocket connection with many exchanges, including DEXs on L1/L2 blockchain networks.

    Connector Docs

  • Backtest and Deploy with Ease

    Backtest your strategies against historical data and deploy multiple instances with Dashboard, a new web-based user interface and control center.

    Dashboard Docs

  • Fork, Customize, Innovate

    Certification equips you with skills as a Hummingbot developer, empowering you to earn bounties and customize strategies for yourself and others.

    Get Certified

Who uses Hummingbot?

Market Makers

For many crypto market making firms, Hummingbot is the trusted starting point for creating secure, scalable algo trading solutions.

As the company that open-sourced Hummingbot, we're incredibly proud of how the community has embraced it. Today, we run bespoke strategies for our institutional clients using many custom Hummingbot instances.

Carlo Las Marias

We started with Hummingbot as the foundation for our market-making business. Their WebSocket connector architecture is the most accessible in the market. We still use it from time to time and enjoy their great documentation.

Eugene Tartakovsky

Hummingbot has served as a reliable base for us to build custom tools and strategies. It has many quality connectors and all components are well thought out, allowing us to flexibly modify the open source code.

Jelle Buth

Algo Traders & Boutique Firms

Algorithmic traders and boutique firms leverage Hummingbot for capturing cross-chain + cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities with the AMM Arbitrage strategy and earning liquidity mining rewards on Hummingbot Miner.

Hummingbot allowed me to launch a successful suite of trading strategies managing over $2 billion in trade volume. I can't recommend Hummingbot enough for any algo trader seeking a 0 to 1 platform.


Since 2021, I've been a dedicated user of Hummingbot, primarily utilizing the pure market making strategy. Based on my profitable strategies, I started an algo-trading startup in Saudi Arabia!


Hummingbot revolutionized my crypto trading. Using advanced strategies, I developed my own successful trading style and consistently ranked at the top of Hummingbot Miner's leaderboard for months.


Protocols & Token Projects

Blockchain protocols harness Hummingbot to foster liquidity, catalyzing their ecosystems without the overhead of external market makers.

We’re big supporters of Hummingbot’s vision of open source algo trading. Their community of market makers has contributed significantly to the liquidity on Avalanche-based DEXs.

Lydia Chiu

Hummingbot plays a pivotal role in Harmony's DeFi strategy. Our Hummingbot connector enables our community to power liquidity for current and future projects on Harmony.

Stephen Tse

What strategies can you build with Hummingbot?

Learn how to design and code strategies like these in Botcamp, the official training and membership program for the Hummingbot community.

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A Global Nexus for Algo Traders

The Hummingbot Foundation, a not-for-profit beacon, ensures the codebase's decentralized evolution, guided by the Hummingbot community and Governance Token (HBOT).

  • About Us: About the Foundation and our mission
  • Governance: Decide how Hummingbot evolves
  • FAQ: Answers to common questions

Sponsors & Backers

We are grateful to the exchanges, protocols, and companies who support our quest to democratize high-frequency trading!

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