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Sponsors & Backers

The Hummingbot Foundation, supported by its sponsors, partners and backers, is dedicated to fostering a robust, community-driven ecosystem for algorithmic crypto trading. By partnering with pioneering protocols and companies in the crypto space, the Foundation ensures the continuous development, enhancement, and dissemination of Hummingbot as a leading open-source trading platform.


  • Vega Protocol: Vega Protocol's partnership with Hummingbot Foundation underscores the symbiotic combination of a cutting-edge decentralized exchange protocol with a global market maker community. This collaboration is aimed at enabling both individual and professional market makers to successfully provide liquidity and execute strategies on Vega markets using Hummingbot. See Announcement (Vega) | Announcement (Hummingbot).

  • Hyperliquid: Hyperliquid has partnered with Hummingbot Foundation to show the power of democratized, algorithmic access to markets. Hyperliquid is an order book perpetual futures DEX that aims to do everything the best CEXs do, but on-chain. Their unique Vaults allow users to run stake-able liquidity provision strategies. Vaults are highly transparent (all trades and orders are displayed in real-time) and should be a good fit for Hummingbot users who want to run various types of strategies, display their trading performance publicly, and attract stakers. See Announcement.

  • CoinAlpha: As the original creator of Hummingbot, CoinAlpha played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Hummingbot Foundation. CoinAlpha not only initiated the transition of Hummingbot to a community-driven model but also provided essential startup funding to jumpstart the Foundation's endeavor to build a Linux-like ecosystem. See Announcement.


The Hummingbot journey began with the visionary support of our initial investors at CoinAlpha. These early believers funded the foundational development of Hummingbot and laid the groundwork for the innovative software that countless traders rely on today. As holders of HBOT tokens, these investors continue to play a crucial role, actively participating in Hummingbot governance. We extend our deepest gratitude to these investors for their trust and commitment, which have been pivotal in shaping Hummingbot's success.

Exchange Partners

We're thrilled to partner with leading industry exchanges to champion decentralized, community-driven market making through strategic fee-share agreements. Our exchange partners share a portion of user-generated fees with the Foundation, at zero cost to users. We are grateful for their support of open source algorithmic trading, where innovation, community, and opportunity collide.

Support Hummingbot Foundation

For more information, see the deck below or reach out to Foundation staff via Discord or Github.

Hummingbot Partnership Deck

Democratize Trading Through Open Source

Launched in 2019, Hummingbot has transcended its origins as a straightforward market-making bot to become a full-fledged framework for algorithmic trading strategy creation, backtesting, and orchestration. Our ambition is to establish Hummingbot as the definitive open-source operating system for market makers and algorithmic traders worldwide, across all asset classes. In doing so, we aim to democratize the landscape of high-frequency trading, making advanced trading tools accessible to all, thereby creating a fairer trading environment.

Engage with the World's Largest Market Makers Community

Hummingbot stands at the forefront of the crypto market makers community, evidenced by over 14,000 Discord members, 9,000 YouTube subscribers, and 6,000+ GitHub stars. Daily, our users report $20-100 million in aggregated trading volume across numerous exchanges. In the last month alone, Hummingbot facilitated over $1 billion in trade volume over 70+ exchanges, as detailed in Reported Volumes.

Sponsorship with Hummingbot opens doors to a vast and sophisticated network of individual and institutional traders, including many professional crypto market making firms like 3Jane, System9, and Enclave who build on top of Hummingbot.

Ideal Sponsorship Candidates

Our ideal partners include Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), and Blockchain Protocols that want to tap into the Hummingbot ecosystem of market makers and developers. We amplify our sponsors' Hummingbot integrations, ensuring that their offerings resonate within our community so they can run Hummingbot to generate liquidity and volume for our partners.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Our sponsorship benefits are efficiently delivered through a managed system of Community Bounties. Through this model, the Hummingbot Foundation oversees the facilitation and execution of tasks, ensuring quality and adherence to our community's standards:

  • Connector Maintenance: We orchestrate bounties to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of connectors to each sponsor’s trading platforms, reflecting the community’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

  • Educational Content Development: Through bounties, we produce a comprehensive suite of educational resources, including thorough documentation, compelling blog posts, informative Hummingbot Academy articles, and detailed YouTube tutorials. These resources are crafted to enrich the user experience and optimize the use of sponsor platforms via Hummingbot.

  • Tailored Tool Development: We manage the creation of custom scripts and tools via bounties to meet the specific needs of our sponsors, enabling advanced strategy performance analysis and optimization.

  • Transparent Strategy Deployment: Bounties are used to facilitate the deployment and management of public trading strategies on sponsor platforms, ensuring transparency and providing key performance metrics and insights.

  • Enhanced Brand Exposure: Sponsors gain enhanced visibility with their branding featured prominently across all Hummingbot Foundation channels, including our website, documentation, and GitHub repositories. This serves to strengthen their market presence and foster deeper community engagement.

By partnering with Hummingbot, sponsors not only connect with a dynamic and pioneering community but also contribute to the advancement of open-source trading technology in the crypto landscape, with all initiatives managed professionally through our bounty system.