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Kujira is a Chain connector in Hummingbot Gateway that helps users connect to FIN DEX on the Kujira blockchain.

📁 Connector Info

ℹī¸ Chain Info

  • Website:
  • Block Explorer:
  • CoinMarketCap:
  • CoinGecko:

🕸ī¸ Supported Networks

Network ChainId Type
mainnet kaiyo-1 mainnet
testnet harpoon-4 testnet

🚰 Faucets

To add funds to your testnet wallet, you can use a faucet inside the Kujira Discord.

To join their discord you can use this link:

After joining and doing their verification process, you can look for this channel:


Or try this link:

Then you can use the following command there:

!faucet <change to your kujira wallet address here>

After that you should receive some Kujira tokens on your balance.