DEX Connectors

DEX connectors integrate into a decentralized exchange's WebSocket or REST API, or in the case of DEX connectors via Gateway, into their smart contracts or Javascript-based SDKs.

DEX connectors enable standardized order placement and data fetching endpoints from the perspective of Hummingbot strategies. Each connector is customized for a particular exchange's idiosyncrasies to enable this level of standardization, so they may should ideally have a maintainer, whose role is to ensure consistent performance by fixing bugs, incorporating API updates, and other ongoing work.

Connectors may be added by community members via New Connector Proposals. Each quarter, the CEX Connector Poll sorts CEX connectors into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers, which determines whether they are maintained by the Foundation.

Here are the current DEX connectors in the codebase, as of Q3 2023:

Exchange Type Tier Maintainer
Uniswap AMM 🥇 Gold Hummingbot Foundation
dYdX CLOB 🥈 Silver Hummingbot Foundation
Pancakeswap AMM 🥈 Silver Hummingbot Foundation
Dexalot CLOB 🥈 Silver Hummingbot Foundation
Defira AMM 🥉 Bronze
Injective CLOB 🥉 Bronze
Loopring CLOB 🥉 Bronze
Mad Meerkat AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
OpenOcean AMM 🥉 Bronze
Pangolin AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
Perpetual Protocol AMM 🥉 Bronze
Polkadex AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
Quickswap AMM 🥉 Bronze
Ref Finance AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
Sushiswap AMM 🥉 Bronze
Tinyman AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
TraderJoe AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
Vertex AMM 🥉 Bronze
VVS Finance AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
XSwap AMM 🥉 Bronze CoinAlpha
Plenty AMM 🥉 Bronze