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DEX Connectors

Decentralized exchange (DEX) connectors integrate into a decentralized or non-custodial exchange's WebSocket API, enabling standardized order placement/cancellation and order book/blockchain data fetching from the perspective of Hummingbot strategies.

There are two types of DEX connectors in Hummingbot:

  • Client: Connectors that integrate to a DEX's WebSocket/REST API directly from the Hummingbot client
  • Gateway: Connectors that integrateto a DEX's smart contract or Javascript/Typescript SDK the Gateway module (REST)

We recommend that Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) exchanges utilize direct client connectors for improved speed and simplicity, while Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchanges should use Gateway as it is designed to interface with smart contracts.

DEX Connector Governance

Connectors may be added by community members via New Connector Proposals, which require a minimum HBOT balance to create.

Each quarter, the DEX Connector Poll allocates HBOT bounties toward the top CEX connectors and determines which connectors should be included in the codebase going forward.

See the Connector Pots tab in HBOT Tracker for the current allocations for each exchange.

DEX Connector Standards

Client DEX connectors should conform to the latest spot and perp connector standards. See Building Connectors for more information.

For Gateway DEX connectors to be compatible with Hummingbot strategies, they need to support the API endpoints required by the connector classes listed in /hummingbot/hummingbot/connector/gateway:

  • amm
  • amm_lp
  • amm_perpetual
  • clob_perp
  • clob_spot

List of DEX Connectors

Here are the current DEX connectors in the codebase:

Exchange Type Connection Connector Guide
dYdX CLOB Client
Hyperliquid CLOB Client Guide
Injective Helix CLOB Client
Polkadex CLOB Client Guide
Vega CLOB Client Guide
Vertex CLOB Client
Dexalot CLOB Gateway Guide
XRP Ledger CLOB Gateway
Curve AMM Gateway
Balancer AMM Gateway
Mad Meerkat AMM Gateway
OpenOcean AMM Gateway
Osmosis AMM Gateway Guide
Pancakeswap AMM Gateway
Pangolin AMM Gateway
Plenty AMM Gateway
Perpetual Protocol AMM Gateway
Quickswap AMM Gateway
Ref Finance AMM Gateway
Sushiswap AMM Gateway
Tinyman AMM Gateway
TraderJoe AMM Gateway
Uniswap AMM Gateway
VVS Finance AMM Gateway
XSwap AMM Gateway
Carbon AMM Gateway