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Release Notes - Version 1.2.0

Released on March 31, 2022

  • Install via Docker: Linux | Windows | macOS | Raspberry Pi

  • Binary builds are no longer supported. Docker and Source are now the only supported methods of install.

We are very excited to ship the March 2022 Hummingbot release (v1.2.0) today!

Developer Updates

  • Added formatting to the printout tables in the client CLI. Also allows the user to set the format in the config using tables_format
  • Added creation timestamp to in flight orders
  • Refactor PaperTradeExchange to use the BudgetChecker when simulating order fills
  • Avellaneda - a multiplier to normalize the risk factor for all assets. The risk_factor now is a fraction / percentage / multiplier of the asset's volatility
  • Pure market making - split and allow multiple order level spread
  • Separate order update from order fill in order tracker

Bug Fixes

  • #5037 Fixed incorrect trade ID in order filled event
  • #5050 Fixed XEMM-allow-auto-set-order-amount Thanks to leastchaos for this fix! 🙏
  • #5057 Fixed trade fill CSV export where CSV randomly gets split to multiple files
  • #5090 Fixed the REST mocking performed in the MEXC test cases
  • #5092 Fixed RingBuffer's c_get_as_numpy_array() doesn't return the correct array
  • #5100 Fixed Avellaneda's validation of the execution time parameter when execution_timeframe is set to infinite
  • #5101 Fixed Binance spot and perpetual connector delayed start
  • #5108 Fixed issue with the TWAP strategy where the default values don't make sense
  • #5109 Fixed crash-at-start issue when using with password
  • #5117 Fixed a bug where config variable is set to None when an invalid value is provided and CTRL + X is entered afterwards.
  • #5118 Fixed Exception when no command is provided in the client (pressing Enter)
  • #5119 Fixed issues found in TWAP Plus
  • #5141 Fixed Fix Binance conflicting Trade Order information
  • #5203 Update connector status in the client for Altmarkets and Binance