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Hummingbot v1.21.0 Release Notes

Released on October 30, 2023


We're thrilled to present Hummingbot version 1.21.0! This version introduces a new 9-step Intro to Dashboard quickstart guide, along with a new authentication module in Dashboard. It also features a smoother and faster startup process due to the refactored trading pair fetcher, along with a significant Dexalot connector fix!

Repository Description GitHub Release DockerHub Release
Hummingbot Core Trading Engine v1.21.0 version-1.21.0
Gateway DEX Connector Middleware v1.21.0 version-1.21.0

How to Update


Clone the latest hummingbot/deploy-examples repository and use the script under the /bash_scripts folder.

Alternatively, run the following command to pull the latest Docker image:

docker pull hummingbot/hummingbot:latest


Update your Hummingbot branch to this release by running:

git pull origin master

Monthly Community Call

Join the Wednesday Nov 1st community call on Discord to learn about the new features in this release and other Hummingbot news. Here is the recording of the event:

For more community events, check out the Hummingbot Events Calendar.

New Quickstart Guide: Intro to Dashboard

We're thrilled to introduce a new Quickstart guide that shows users how to set up and use Dashboard. While it's still under active development, we expect Dashboard to become the main entry point for new Hummingbot users in the future.

See Quickstart - Intro to Dashboard or watch the first video below:

New Dashboard Features

Under Active Development

Dashboard is slated for incorporation into official Hummingbot releases before end of this year, but it is still under active development and new features and improvements are being added continuously. We highly encourage user feedback at this stage; feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on Discord or Github. If you're excited to explore its capabilities, check out the beta.

Authentication Module

This release implemented authentication functionality within the Streamlit framework, which lets you require users to login to access any page in Dashboard, thereby enhancing security. This authentication can be enabled / disabled depending on user preference.

See Setting up Dashboard in the Intro to Dashboard guide.

  • #71 added the initial authentication module
  • #86 made the system configurable
  • #88 added a helper script to assist with authentication processes

V2 Strategy Framework Improvements

  • Base Controllers and Master Script Addition: #74 Added foundational controllers and a master script for better script management.
  • Improve Create Controllers Page: #78 Revamped the page for creating controllers for a better user experience.


  • Text Wrapper for Queries: #72 Introduced a text wrapper to improve query handling. Thanks to tomasgaudino for this contribution! 🙏

Refactored Trading Pair Fetcher

In #6526, Hummingbot no longer fetches trading pairs from all connectors at startup. Instead, by default it will only fetch pairs from exchanges where the user has added API keys, as well as the Paper Trade exchanges, defined in conf_client.yml.

This should result in a faster startup process, plus fewer errors in the log from geo-restricted connectors.

There is a new configuration variable fetch_pairs_from_all_exchanges in conf_client.yml, which is set to False by default. If the variable is True, pairs are fetched from all exchange connectors, maintaining the previous behavior.

Thanks to isreallee82 for this contribution! 🙏

Removed Connectors due to Governance

Per the Epoch 6 quarterly Poll results, not all connectors received enough community support to reach the 200,000 HBOT Connector Inclusion Threshold, and they will be removed during Q4 2023.

CEX Poll Results removed connectors:

  • AltMarkets
  • Binance.US
  • Bittrex

DEX Poll Results removed connectors:

  • Loopring
  • Defira

All connectors in the Chain Poll Results met the threshold.

  • #6617 Removed Bittrex connector
  • #6616 Removed Altmarkets connector

Other Updates


  • #6611 Resolved an issue where orders were getting lost on Dexalot. Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6589 Removed support for KuCoin Perpetual Testnet
  • #6594 Fixed Docker compose YML file on the client side Thanks to 0xferit for this fix! 🙏
  • #6584 Addressed a problem with order cancellation, status and revamped processes on Binance Perps.
  • #6596 Updated Binance Spot API request weight rate limits for enhanced rate limit handling Thanks to isreallee82 for this fix! 🙏
  • #6606 Upgraded the Injective SDK version to rectify related issues Thanks to aarmoa for this fix! 🙏


  • #197 Fixed a race condition in the initialization of connector classes to prevent potential crashes or unexpected behaviors.
  • #214 Removed Defira connector as per Epoch 6 results


  • #242 Updated the Injective documentation for the new InjectiveV2 connector. Thanks to aarmoa for this fix! 🙏