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Release Notes - Version 1.14.0

Released on March 30, 2023

We are very excited to ship the March 2023 release of Hummingbot (v1.14.0) today! This release focused on improving the docs by adding a new Quickstart guide, revamping the Installation section, and generally adding more video 📺 content to many pages!

In addition, this release added new kucoin_perpetual CEX connector, new DEX connectors for dexalot (CLOB DEX on Avalanche) and xsswap (AMM DEX on XDC Chain), and updates to the Orchestation Module, hedge strategy, and PositionExecutor components.


Hummingbot Gateway

Deployment Repos

See below for what's new this month!

New Quickstart Guide

Hummingbot has evolved from a simple market making bot into a framework that lets users define custom strategies that automate order book data collection and order execution across multiple crypto exchanges.

To help users understand how to use Scripts to build custom strategies, the new Quickstart Guide teaches you how to build and customize a market making strategy over 5 exercises.

Revamped Installation Section

We have streamlined and simplified the Installation section, adding OS-specific guides and a new Docker page that explains how to deploy various Hummingbot configurations using Docker.

New Doc Pages

This release introduced the following new documentation pages and sections:

Orchestration Module: Phase 2

Pull Request: #6113

This PR implements the features of Phase 2 for HIP-Bot Orchestration.

It provides interfaces for subscribing to external topics and listening to messages through the EEventQueueFactory, EEventListenerFactory, ETopicQueueFactory, and ETopicListenerFactory classes. The specification defines a base URI format for consuming external events, and URI slashes are transformed to dots for multi-broker and multi-protocol support. Finally, this PR extends the global configuration and adds the mqtt_external_events parameter for globally enabling/disabling external events feature for bot instances.

See the Orchestration Module documentation for more information.

Thanks to klpanagi and TheHolyRoger for this contribution! 🙏

New Perpetual CEX Connector: kucoin_perpetual

Pull Request: #6150

Since Kucoin is a Silver connector maintained by Hummingbot Foundation,the Foundation allocates HBOT tokens to fund a bounty for a community developer to add a perpetual connector.

Kucoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that was launched in 2017 and is based in Seychelles. The platform operates its own native token, Kucoin Shares (KCS), which provides users with various benefits such as reduced trading fees and a share of the platform's revenue. Kucoin has gained popularity among cryptocurrency traders due to its competitive trading fees, diverse range of digital assets, and innovative features.

See the Kucoin Perpetual documentation for more information.


There may be some issues not yet identified outside our testing. If you run into a bug with the connector please report them on our Github page

Thanks to ethicrypt for this contribution! 🙏

New AMM DEX Connector and Chain: xsswap / xdc-chain

Pull Requests: #6114, #0045

XDC is a public blockchain that aims to provide a fast and efficient infrastructure for decentralized applications and enterprise use cases. It is built on top of the Ethereum codebase and uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to validate transactions and create new blocks.

See the XDC Chain and XSSwap documentation for more information.

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

New CLOB DEX Connector: dexalot

Pull Requests: #6153, #0065

Dexalot is a revolutionary decentralized exchange aiming at bringing the traditional centralized exchange look and feel, through a decentralized on-chain application. It is built on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.

See the Dexalot connector documentation for more information.

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

PositionExecutor Improvements

Pull Request: #6135

We improved the PositionExecutor Smart Component introduced in the last release:

  • The first improvement is a minor change to the simple_directional_strategy_example script, which involves setting the bounds of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) as described in the strategy. This change improves the accuracy of the strategy by ensuring that the RSI is calculated within the specified bounds.

  • The second improvement is related to the reporting of the PositionExecutor. The update provides more detailed reporting by showing cumulative fees, profit and loss (PNL) in quote asset, and amount in both base and quote asset. This additional information provides users with a clear and concise view of their trading performance.

Overall, these improvements enhance the accuracy and transparency of the Simple directional strategy and provide more comprehensive reporting capabilities for the PositionExecutor, allowing users to make more informed trading decisions.

hedge Strategy updates

Pull Request: #6075

  • Disable Auto Set Position: In response to user feedback, we've added the ability to disable the auto set position feature on some exchanges, such as Bybit, that have experienced issues with this feature. You now have greater control over your position management.

  • Interval Logging: We've also added interval logging to help you keep track of your Hedge Strategy performance. This will allow you to review your trading activity at a glance and make informed decisions going forward.

  • Active Orders Management: To ensure that active orders are cancelled at the correct time, we've moved the check and cancel active orders function to the start of the tick. This improvement ensures that you're always trading with accurate information.

  • Timestamp Update: We've made an update to the way timestamps are handled to prevent network and exchange errors from skipping the current hedge cycle. The last timestamp is now updated only at the end of the cycle, ensuring that your trades are executed as intended.

Thanks to leastchaos for this contribution! 🙏

Other Updates


  • #6107 Improved the logic that handles order cancellation and order updates to detect when orders are not found in the exchange. Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6123 Fixed issue with status code 503 and server overloaded error
  • #6124 Added a safety-precaution to reset the Injective order hash manager on Gateway order-submit call failure that raises an exception. Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6126 Fixed issues in binance _perpetual_derivative where position used exchange trading pair and not hb_trading_pair Thanks to yancong001 for this fix! 🙏
  • #6139 Refactored Injectiveconnector to add batch order creation and cancelation for the client Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6141 Removed extraneous Gateway Docker related code from HB codebase
  • #6142 Updated for new connectors
  • #6151 Fixed issue when trying to create a connector config with Kraken Thanks to keithbaum for this fix! 🙏
  • #6156 Fixed issue with the Bot Orchestration module to allow the MQTT start command to work with scripts Thanks to TheHolyRoger for this fix! 🙏
  • #6157 Improved listen_for_subscriptions logic and fixed tests
  • #6159 Fixed config issue for setting gateway_api_host parameter
  • #6168 Fixed issue with balance fetch for Injective spot connector Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏


  • #0055 Added batch order creation and cancelation for CLOB and injective Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • ##0058 Fixed issue where nonce will sometimes decrement
  • ##0060 Added support for Sushiswap on the Avalanche, Arbitrum and Harmony chains
  • ##0066 Optimized gas price calculation using the EIP-1559 standard and added a buffer to improve reliability and speed of Gateway transactions
  • ##0067 Fixed issues with Injective spot mainnet and testnet Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • ##0072 Fixed permissions with gateway conf directory. Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏