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Scripts Cheatsheat

See below for reference docs that help you create Scripts that inherit from the ScriptStrategy base class.

This Script Strategies Cheatsheet is also available in PDF form.

Watch the full video that accompanies this page:

Getting started

  • Follow the Installation docs for your environment
  • Code your script inside the /scripts folder
  • Run your script with start --script [SCRIPT NAME]

Scripts basics


Scripts are a subclass of ScriptStrategy.

You can define the variables that you will use as class variables. By default, there is no configuration file for scripts.


Define the connectors and trading pairs, in the class variable markets, with the following structure:

Dict["connector_name", Set(Trading pairs)]


  • The method on_tick is executed every tick_size
  • The tick_size by default is 1 second

Market Operations

Create and cancel Orders, trading_pair, amount, order_type, price, [position_action])
self.sell(connector_name, trading_pair, amount, order_type, price,[position_action])
self.cancel(connector_name, trading_pair, order_id)```
# position_action is only used in perpetual connectors

Account Data



  • Returns a DataFrame with the following columns: ["Exchange", "Asset", "Total Balance", "Available Balance"]

Open Orders


  • Returns a DataFrame with the following columns: ["Exchange", "Market", "Side", "Price", "Amount", "Age"]


You can create custom handlers for various market events by implementing one or more of the following methods in your script:

did_create_buy_order(self, event: BuyOrderCreatedEvent)
did_create_sell_order(self, event: SellOrderCreatedEvent)
did_fill_order(self, event: OrderFilledEvent)
did_fail_order(self, event: MarketOrderFailureEvent)
did_cancel_order(self, event: OrderCancelledEvent)
did_expire_order(self, event: OrderExpiredEvent)
did_complete_buy_order(self, event: BuyOrderCompletedEvent)
did_complete_sell_order(self, event: SellOrderCompletedEvent)


Rate Oracle

  • Provides conversion rates for any given pair token symbols in both async and sync fashions
  • Sync Method: RateOracle.get_instance().get_pair_rate(trading_pair)
  • Async Method: RateOracle.get_instance().rate_async(trading_pair)


To send notifications to the Hummingbot client, use the following methods:



If you have the Telegram integration activated, you will receive the notifications there too.


  • When you run the status command in the app, you will receive the information that is coded under the method format_status
  • You can override this method in your script to show any information that you want. Check out Quickstart - Exercise 3 for an example.
  • By default, the format status shows the balances and active orders. Check the implementation in ScriptStrategy.


Accessing the Connectors

A connection is stored in the instance variable connectors with the following structure: Dict["connector_name", ConnectorBase]

For example, self.connectors["binance"] will return the Binance exchange class.

Connectors Methods

  • Best ask: connector.get_price(trading_pair, is_buy=True)
  • Best bid: connector.get_price(trading_pair, is_buy=False)
  • Mid-price: connector.get_mid_price(trading_pair)
  • Order book: connector.get_order_book(trading_pair). Returns a CompositeOrderBook object, whose most common methods are:
    • ask_entries() → Iterator of OrderBookRow
    • bid_entries() → Iterator of OrderBookRow
    • snapshot() → Tuple(Bids as DataFrame, Asks as DataFrame)

For example, self.connectors["binance"].get_mid_price("ETH-USDT") will return the mid price for the ETH-USDT trading pair on Binance.

Querying the Order Book

Use these methods to compute metrics efficiently:

connector.get_vwap_for_volume(trading_pair, is_buy, volume)
connector.get_price_for_volume(trading_pair, is_buy, volume)
connector.get_quote_volume_for_base_amount(trading_pair, is_buy, base_amount)
connector.get_volume_for_price(trading_pair, is_buy, price)
connector.get_quote_volume_for_price(trading_pair, is_buy,price)

Returns a ClientOrderBookQueryResult class with:

  • query_price
  • query_volume
  • result_price
  • result_volume


Order Candidate

  • OrderCandidate(trading_pair, is_maker, order_type, order_side, amount, price)
  • Has methods to populate the object with the collateral needed, the fees, and potential returns

Budget Checker

This checks if the balance is enough to place the order, all_or_none=True will set the amount to 0 on insufficient balance and all_or_none=False will adjust the order size to the available balance.

connector.budget_checker.adjust_candidate(OrderCandidate, all_or_none=True)
connector.budget_checker.adjust_candidates(List[OrderCandidate], all_or_none=True)