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Release Notes - Version 1.4.0

Released on May 30, 2022

  • Install via Docker: Linux | Windows | macOS | Raspberry Pi

  • Binary builds are no longer supported. Docker and Source are now the only supported methods of install.

We are very excited to ship the May 2022 Hummingbot release (v1.4.0) today!

Gateway V2

This release adds Gateway V2, as previously described in the following Hummingbot blog posts:

Gateway V2 Code Architecture

Gateway V2 Code Architecture part 2

Gateway V2 is a major overhaul to the Gateway system, in which Hummingbot uses to communicate with decentralized markets such as Uniswap and Pangolin. Compared to the original Hummingbot Gateway, Gateway V2 adds major improvements to the reliability, user experience and security.

Gateway Documentation

Script Strategies

This release also introduces a simplified version of the trading strategies called Script. The scripts are intended to be used without requiring a configuration. All data used by the script should be included in the script file.

The script is a Python class. It can be created by subclassing the new ScriptStrategyBase class. All scripts modules should be stored in the /scripts folder (the old scripts folder is renamed to pmm_scripts). There is a new version of the start command for the scripts: start --script <script_module_name>

Check out the Script Strategies documentation

Developer Updates

  • Added a pre-commit hook that will run isort with pre-configured settings to automatically sort the imports of files
  • Simplification of the GitHub validation workflow for the project by extracting the logic that creates the Hummingbot conda environment and compiles and installs Hummingbot client into its own action.
  • Added position mode checks to Perpetual MM and PerpetualTrading base class
  • Use the US spelling of 'canceled' and 'canceling'
  • Restart gateway when the route /config/update is called
  • Replacement of a legacy definition of trade fee schemas with TradeFeeSchema in connectors maintained by CoinAlpha
  • Added FTX referral program

Bug Fixes

  • #3555 Fixed rate oracle coingecko prices request
  • #5084 Fixed Unexpected error while processing event 202 during funding payment period
  • #5107 Fixed bug which causes a compiling error when installing Hummingbot from Source
  • #5113 #4975, #5096, #4372, #4778 Fixed multiple issues with the Bybit perpetual connector
  • #5193 Fixed unnecessary text in split order level prompt
  • #5215 Fixed k2 startup error
  • #5222 Fixed Decimal Invalid Operation error when quote balance is too high in the Cross Exchange Market Making strategy
  • #5227 Fixed issue in TWAP strategy where has_enough_balance() doesn't consider order amount, but a total target_asset_amount