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Release Notes - Version 1.15.0

Released on April 26, 2023

We are very excited to ship the April 2023 release of Hummingbot (v1.15.0) today!

This release adds new connectors to Injective, ZigZag, Hotbit, and (perp), fixes bugs in Binance, Kucoin (perp), and introduces the new Hummingbot Strategy Performance Dashboard!


Hummingbot Gateway

Deployment Repos

See below for what's new this month!

Community Calls

Each month, we livestream two community calls on our Discord server:

  • First Wednesday of the month: Monthly community call
  • Third Wednesday of the month: "How-do" developer call

Below are the Youtube recordings of last month's calls:

We published a new video How to Use Streamlit Apps that introduces the new Hummingbot Dashboard that helps you visualize and analyze strategy performance. Soon, you will be able to see the performance of all your bots as they are running!

In the April 2023 community call, we discussed the highlights from the v1.14.0 release and the Epoch 4 governance polls.

Candles Feed Improvements

Pull Request: #6190

We improved the Candles Feed Smart Component introduced in the last release. Specifically, we improved the collection of candles via REST to allow processing of WebSocket messages while the fill historical candles task is collecting the missing candles via REST.

New Script Examples

This release added the following new Script examples:

  • This script provides an example of how to use the Candles Feed to download and store historical data. It downloads 3-minute candles for 3 Binance trading pairs ["APE-USDT", "BTC-USDT", "BNB-USDT"] and stores them in CSV files in the /data directory. The script stops after it has downloaded 175,000 max_records records for each pair

  • This script will demonstrate how to extend the Simple PMM example to shift the mid-price and make the spreads dynamic by using the Candles Feed component and applying technical indicators.

New Chain/DEX: Injective

Pull Requests: #0081, #6200

Snapshot Proposal:

Injective is a decentralized, peer-to-peer trading platform constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to furnish users with a swift, secure, and efficient trading experience for cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets. The platform accommodates a wide spectrum of financial products, including spot trading, futures, and perpetual swaps, and boasts notable features such as zero gas fees and instantaneous transaction finality.

See below for the documentation for the Injective chain and exchange connectors:


There were some fixes to the Injective spot and perpetual connectors that on development branch, but not on master. Until the May 2023 release, we recommend running the development branch of Hummingbot and Hummingbot Gateway.

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

New DEX: ZigZag

Pull Request: #0089

Snapshot Proposal:

ZigZag Exchange is a sophisticated decentralized exchange (DEX) developed on the Ethereum network. Utilizing state-of-the-art Layer-2 technologies from StarkWare and Matter Labs, ZigZag enables rapid transactions at reduced costs, all while maintaining decentralization and eliminating the need for a centralized authority.

See the Zigzag connector documentation for more information.

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

New CEX:

Pull Request: #6154

Snapshot Proposal:

BIT is a sophisticated cryptocurrency exchange tailored for professional use. The platform offers an array of services, including trading strategy execution, price discovery, and liquidity provision. Committed to fostering innovation, supports the development of cutting-edge financial products, enhances user trading tools, and presents a diverse range of tokens.

See the bit-com-perpetual connector documentation for more information.

Thanks to yancong001 for this contribution! 🙏

New DEX: Hotbit

Pull Request: #6140

Snapshot Proposal:

Hotbit is a comprehensive trading platform that seamlessly integrates various business components, including spot trading, financial derivatives, cryptocurrency investments, and decentralized applications (DAPPs). Serving over 210 countries and regions, Hotbit consistently pursues globalized and unified strategies, concentrating on emerging markets such as Russia, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. In 2019, Russian media recognized Hotbit as one of the top three most popular exchanges.

See the Hotbit connector documentation for more information.

Thanks to yangchunbudeze for this contribution! 🙏

Other Updates


  • #6178 Resolved undefined reference in gateway command when reusing wallet addresses between connectors on the same chain Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏
  • #6188 Tweaked the Dexalot rate limits to allow better performance Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6191 Fixed Dexalot trading rules parsing Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #6196 Changed the remote config command so that it returns the configuration parameters. Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏
  • #6206 Excluded some common no-testing lines & code blocks from coverage Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏
  • #6219 Added Offline to list of market states for BTC Markets Thanks to vdmerweandre for this fix! 🙏
  • #6235 Fixed Kucoin Perpetual connector issues Thanks to yancong001 for this fix! 🙏
  • #6241 Fixed parsing Binance trading pair rule Thanks to pkalamucki for this fix! 🙏


  • #0075 Added bsc, cronos, arbitrum and optimism chains for OpenOcean Thanks to onjeffery for this fix! 🙏
  • #0080 Added handling of case-sensitive trading pairs to the Dexalot connector Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #0087 Updated package.json on main branch from 1.13.0 to 1.14.0
  • #0088 Updated package.json on development from 1.13.0 to dev-1.15.0

Remote Client

  • #0003 Added a config property in response that includes client and strategy configuration parameters returned by the bot Thanks to klpanagi for this fix! 🙏