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🛠 Connector Info

  • Exchange Type: Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Market Type: Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)
Component Status Connector Version V2 Strategies Notes
🔀 Spot Connector Not available
🔀 Perp Connector ✅ v2.0 Yes
đŸ•¯ Spot Candles Feed Not built
đŸ•¯ Perp Candles Feed Not built

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

🔑 How to Connect

Generate API Keys

Add Keys to Hummingbot

From inside the Hummingbot client, run connect bitcom_perpetual:

Enter your bit_com_perpetual API key >>>
Enter your bit_com_perpetual secret key >>>
Enter your bit_com_perpetual user id >>>

If connection is successful:

You are now connected to bit_com_perpetual

🔀 Perp Connector

Integration to spot markets API endpoints

Order Types

This connector supports the following OrderType constants:


Paper Trading


Note: I've replaced the URLs and other references to "Bitget" with "Bit-com". If there are specific URLs or other details for Bit-com that differ from the ones provided, you'll need to update them accordingly.