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Hummingbot v1.27.0 Release Notes

Released on April 29, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the release of Hummingbot version 1.27.0! In this update, we have added new strategy templates that use the new StrategyV2 framework:

  • Funding Rate Arbitrage helps users capitalize on discrepancies in perpetual futures markets
  • Cross Exchange Market Making: V2 version of our popular XEMM strategy that enables more efficient cross-exchange market making.

We have also streamlined the Docker installation process, making it easier and quicker to get started with Hummingbot.

Also New in This Release

  • Coinbase Advanced Trade spot CEX connector
  • Kucoin HFT spot CEX connector
  • Cube spot CEX connector
Repository Description GitHub Release DockerHub Release
Hummingbot Core Trading Engine v1.27.0 version-1.27.0
Gateway DEX Connector Middleware v1.27.0 version-1.27.0

How to Update


Make sure to exit all running containers using docker compose down

docker compose down

Run the following command to pull the latest Docker image:

docker pull hummingbot/hummingbot:latest

Restart containers

docker compose up -d


Update your Hummingbot branch to this release by running:

git pull origin master

Monthly Community Call

Join the next community call on Discord to learn about the new features in this release and other Hummingbot news:

Afterwards, we will publish the recording on the Hummingbot YouTube and post it here.

For more community events, check out the Hummingbot Calendar.

New Strategy: Funding Rate Arbitrage

The new Funding Rate Arbitrage sample script works by exploiting differences in funding rates across different cryptocurrency exchanges to make a profit.

It evaluates the current funding rates across all configured connectors for the specified tokens. The script calculates the profitability of entering trades based on the difference in these rates and compares it against a profitability threshold set in the configuration.

Pull Request:: #6943

New Strategy: Cross Exchange Market Making (XEMM)

XEMM Executor is a new Strategy V2 component which is designed to handle cross-exchange market making (XEMM) operations within the Hummingbot framework.

You can use the script to run it. We have also added a Controller version taht supports multiple order levels:

Pull Request: #6946

Updated Docker Installation Process

We have simplified and updated the Docker installation instructions so that users can install from the base Hummingbot Github repo. This change aims to enhance user experience by providing a more organized and straightforward approach to using Hummingbot's powerful features.

The page includes advanced configuration examples as well that were previously hosted in the deploy-examples repo, which now features a single, comprehensive deployment example designed to launch multiple bots efficiently.

Updated CEX Connector: Coinbase

Pull Request: #6887 - Added Coinbase Advanced Trade connector

Thanks to MementoRC for this contribution! 🙏

New CEX Connector: Cube Exchange

Cube Exchange is an MPC-based exchange that boasts high security & low latency when trading. It is being built by a team around ex-Solana engineer Bartosz Lipinski and aims to be the slickest trading experience the crypto space has ever seen.

This connector has been developed by the team, most notably Wojak, who put in a massive effort to deliver a high-quality integration of Cube into Hummingbot.

For more information, refer to the Cube connector docs.

Pull Request: #6930

Snapshot Proposal: NCP-10

Thanks to mlguys for this contribution! 🙏

Other Updates



  • #299 - Added functionalities to enable interaction with Pancakeswap on the Ethereum mainnet Thanks to isreallee82 for this fix! 🙏
  • #306 - Added poolID to Gateway AMM endpoints Thanks to vic-en for this contribution! 🙏