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Release Notes - Version 1.17.0

Released on June 26, 2023

We are very excited to ship the June 2023 release of Hummingbot (v1.17.0) today!

This release simplifies the Position Executor class, making it easy to create custom directional strategies with Hummingbot. We also kicked off the new Hummingbot Dashboard community project and added a new Data Collector feature that collects and stores real-time market data as a bot runs!

For exchanges, we improved support for Silver-tier CEXs Kucoin and by adding Candles Feeds and Market Orders support, as well as a new DEX connector to Polkadex!

Official Repo Description Release in Github Release in DockerHub
Hummingbot Core trading engine v1.17.0 version-1.17.0
Gateway DEX connector middleware v1.17.0 version-1.17.0

Install or update Hummingbot by cloning the latest hummingbot/deploy-examples repo and running the following command for your desired configuration:

docker compose up --force-recreate --build -d

See below for what's new this month!

Monthly Community Call

Each month, we livestream a community call on our Discord server that highlights the new features included in each release:

Check out the Hummingbot Events Calendar for links to these and other upcoming events!

Position Executor

This release refactors the Position Executor smart component that creates self-executing Triple Barrier positions. Notably, this refactor integrates both spot and perpetual support, so that users can use the same component across both exchange types interchangeably.

Check out how few lines of code the sample directional scripts are now:

Pull Request: #6322

Data Collector

Hummingbot can now collect real-time market data in the background for the trading pairs that are initialized in the running strategy. Users can configure this feature by setting the new config variables in the conf_client.yml file:

  • market_data_collection_enabled: Enable/disable the Market Data Collection feature.
  • market_data_collection_interval: Set the market data collection interval in seconds (Default=60)
  • market_data_collection_depth: Set the order book collection depth (Default=20)

The data is stored in a new SQLite DB table MarketData and includes:

  • Exchange
  • Trading Pair
  • Timestamp
  • Mid Price
  • Best Ask
  • Best Bid
  • Order Book

Pull Request: #6364

Hummingbot Dashboard

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Hummingbot Dashboard, a graphical control center designed to facilitate the deployment and management of a fleet of Hummingbot instances.

Dashboard is an experiment community project that aims to actively involve the community from day 1 for bi-weekly meetings - we livestreamed the first one below:

For more information, see this blog post where we kicked off the Hummingbot Dashboard project and following progress in the #dashboard channel in Discord.

New Features for Kucoin and

This release expands support for Kucoin and, which the community used HBOT governance to prioritze as Silver-tier connectors for Epoch 4.

Candles Feed helps you generate custom OHLCV candles using both historical and live Websocket data, and create real-time custom technical indicators using pandas_ta.

You can now use the following connectors:

  • kucoin
  • gate_io
  • gate_io_perpetual

For example:

candles = [CandlesFactory.get_candle(connector=kucoin,
           trading_pair="ETH-USDT", interval="1m", max_records=100)]

Following our Technical Roadmap, we are expanding our connectors to support to include all order types offered by an exchange. In this release, we integrated the market_order and limit_maker_order types for


In this release, we also improved test mocking for candles by ensuring that a coroutine related to filling historical candles is properly mocked.

Pull Requests: #6345, #6366, #6351, #29, #6311, #6354, #6372

Thanks to tomasgaudino, and yancong001 for their contributions! 🙏

New DEX Connector: Polkadex

Polkadex is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate.

See Polkadex for the exchange connector docs.

Pull Requests: #6348

Snapshot Proposal:

Thanks to CoinAlpha for this contribution! 🙏

Removed Connectors and Strategies

The following are connectors and strategies were removed from the Hummingbot codebase that didnt pass quorum in the previous Epoch 4 polls. Check the poll results here:

  • Hotbit connector: #6359
  • Aroon Oscilator strategy: #6358
  • CI-EX connector: #6371

Other Updates


  • #5632 Fixed config command typos Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • #6149 Removed quantize and added string transformation before decimal conversion which fixes #6021
  • #6239 Refactored the amm-arb strategy sync price request Thanks to yancong001 for this fix! 🙏
  • #6290 Added basic availability status updates to the remote MQTT orchestration module Thanks to TheHolyRoger for this fix! 🙏
  • #6326 Removed redundant config migration prompt Thanks to zedquach for this fix! 🙏
  • #6368 Removed sqlite from list of dependencies
  • #6349 Fixed MQTT health checks and reconnections Thanks to TheHolyRoger for this fix! 🙏
  • #6350 Added decorator that will run wrapped function only if gateway is online Thanks to zedquach for this fix! 🙏
  • #6356 Fixed `Foxbit`` unittests and removed 30 second sleep Thanks to TheHolyRoger for this fix! 🙏
  • #6373 Added copy of scripts folder to the Docker image


  • #118 Added EUROC token to tokenlist Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏
  • #120 Fixed broken links in Thanks to VPashkov for this fix! 🙏
  • #126 Moved default list location to make it easier for Docker users to make changes to the token lists
  • #127 Changed default gas setting for Polygon to 400
  • #131 Refactored TraderJoe to use SDK V2 Thanks to CoinAlpha for this fix! 🙏