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Release Notes - Version 1.9.0

Released on October 28, 2022

We are very excited to ship the October 2022 Hummingbot release (v1.9.0) today!

New Sample Scripts from Botcamp

We're excited to launch Botcamp, an intensive 4-week bootcamp that teaches you to create custom trading strategies as simple Hummingbot scripts.

This release added script examples created by participants in the beta Botcamp cohort:

All scripts examples can be found here.

New Connector: Eve Exchange

Eve brings together all the necessary features for individuals & businesses to harness the power of crypto, in a single low-cost platform — powered by EVE token.

New Community Tool: Manage Bot Cycles

The purpose of this folder structure and scripts is to make it easier to manage multiple bots and launch them all at once on your computer or server.

Thanks to mlguys for this contribution! 🙏

All Changes

Developer updates

  • 5708 Added broker IDs for Bitmart and Bitmex
  • 5783 Added as a Rate Oracle source Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏

Gateway updates

  • 5664 Fixed the issue with quantizing amount for gateway connectors
  • 5729 Fixed incorrect gateway certs directory Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • 5759 Added Goerli testnet to Gateway
  • 5776 Fixed update install for Gateway so that patches and minor updates don't occur when users setup Gateway
  • 5789 Changed default tokenlist for Polygon mainnet

Bug fixes

  • 5707 Fixed issue with Kucoin reaching API rate limit for api/v1/fills Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • 5711 Fixed issue with the Liquidity Mining strategy raising an exception on empty order books Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • 5721 Fixed issue with the trading_pairs property in paper_trade
  • 5750 Fixed issue with int object has no attribute is_nan error in the history command Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • 5751 Fixed the "Failed to refresh the listen key" error message in Binance Perpetuals Thanks to leastchaos for this fix! 🙏
  • 5782 Fixed missing mocked API Thanks to MementoRC for this fix! 🙏
  • 5807 Fixed quantize rounding in paper_trade Thanks to peterwilli for this fix! 🙏
  • 5829 Fixed issue with Bybit perpetual not working because of deprecated endpoints