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Rate Limits Share Pct

Some exchanges impose rate limits per account. When running multiple bots using a single account, rate_limits_share_pct users to set a certain percentage of the total limit to each instance. When the bot is near the allocated limit, Hummingbot sends a notification as a warning so users can adjust their configuration before the account is banned.

For example, the rate limit for AscendEX is 100 requests per second. Your account will be banned for a certain period of time if you keep hitting the rate limit in 10 minutes (status code 429 or 100014).

Setting 50% for rate_limits_share_pct means we want the bot to send a notification when it starts to send 50 requests per second for that specific instance.

How to use the parameter

  1. Run config rate_limits_share_pct while the strategy is stopped
  2. Enter the percentage of API rate limit you want to allocate to the bot
  3. Start the strategy using start command
  4. A notification will be displayed in the output pane when the rate_limits_share_pct value is about to be reached


You can also configure this setting while the strategy is running. However, the strategy must be restarted for the changes to take effect.