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Launch and Exit Hummingbot

This page contains information on launching and exiting the application, assuming Hummingbot is installed already on your machine.

Launch via Docker

If you downloaded the helper script before, proceed to step 2.

  1. Download helper script from Github using the command below.
chmod a+x


Run ls command from the terminal to check if the file is in your current directory.

  1. Run the following command inside the directory where the helper script is located:


If no containers are running, follow the guide to creating a Hummingbot instance.

Launch from source

  1. Make sure the hummingbot conda environment is enabled.
conda activate hummingbot
  1. In the hummingbot parent directory, run this command to launch the application:


As of version 1.19.0, use ./start command to launch hummingbot from source. Read more

Exit Hummingbot

Running the exit command cancels all outstanding orders and exit the Hummingbot interface. In case of errors, the command exit -f will force the application to close.

If you're running Hummingbot installed via binary, exiting Hummingbot by clicking the close window icon will leave your active orders open in the exchange.


You can also press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C twice to exit.