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User Interface Guide

Hummingbot CLI

The CLI is divided into five panes:

  • Input pane (lower left): Where users enter commands

Hummingbot CLI

  • Output pane (upper left): Prints the output of the user's commands

Hummingbot CLI

  • Log pane (right): Log messages

Log Pane

  • Top navigation bar: Displays the status/information of the following items

    • Version:

      • Reference of Version Release (Currently at 1.13.0)
    • Strategy:

      • Hummingbot has different strategy configurations that can be used for trading or liquidity mining. Currently we are moving away from strategy based config in favor of scripts. See the quick start guide for scripts here
    • Strategy_file:

      • Displays the current in use strategy or script file

Top Navigation

  • Bottom navigation bar: Displays the information of the following items

    • Trades
      • Number of trades done by the bot
      • Total P&L
      • Total profit & loss
      • Return%
      • Return percentage of assets
    • CPU
      • CPU usage of the computer
    • Mem

      • Memory usage of the computer
    • Threads

    • Duration
      • Duration of the trading session

Bottom Navigation

Show and hide log pane

The log pane on the right can be shown or hidden in two ways:

  1. Click the log pane button in the upper right hand corner
  2. Press CTRL + T shortcut on your keyboard

Hide Log Pane


Users can now open another tab in the left pane of Hummingbot where the log pane is supposed to be upon entering a command associated with the Tabs feature. Users can now switch between the log pane and the new tab they have opened simulateneously.


Currently, the feature only works with the order_book parameter.

Opening and Closing

Opening a tab

Use the tabs by simply inputting a command associated with the tabs feature.

Upon using the order_book command and any suffix it will open a tab automatically.

opening tabs

showing tab

Closing a tab

Simply click on the x at the top right corner or inputting parameter_name --close

One option to close the tab is by clicking on the x next to order_book

closing tabs

Alternatively, you can remove the new tab by inputting the order_book --close command to close the tab

alternative closing tabs

closed tabs

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Combo Command Description
Double CTRL + C Exit Press CTRL + C twice to exit the bot
CTRL + S/kbd> Status Show bot status
CTRL + F Search /
Hide Search
Toggle search in log pane
CTRL + X Exit Config Exit from the current configuration question
CTRL + A Select All * Select all text
CTRL + Z Undo * Undo action
Single CTRL + C Copy * Copy text
CTRL + V Paste * Paste text
CTRL + R Reset Style Set default color style
CTRL + T Toggle logs Hide / show the logs pane

* Used for text edit in input pane only.

Note about search:

  1. Press CTRL + F to trigger display the search field

  2. Enter your search keyword (not case sensitive)

  3. Hit Enter to jump to the next matching keyword (incremental search)

  4. When you are done, press CTRL + F again to go back to reset


Keyboard Combo Command
CTRL + C Copy
SHIFT + RMB (right-mouse button) Paste

To highlight, hold SHIFT + LMB (left mouse button) and drag across the text you want to select.


Keyboard Combo Command
+ C Copy
+ V Paste


To select text on macOS, you may need to enable the Allow Mouse Reporting option by pressing + R or selecting View > Allow Mouse Reporting in the menu bar.


Then you should be able to select text by holding LMB (left mouse button) and drag. You can also hold down + shift to select specific lines like the image below.


When accessing Hummingbot on a Linux cloud server through ssh using a macOS terminal, hold down the Option ⌥ key or + to highlight text.


Keyboard Combo Command
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste

To use this shortcut, check this box by doing a right-click on the title bar at the top of the Hummingbot window, then select Properties.