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Create or Import Config Files

Creating a new strategy file

Run create command and answer the prompts to configure your bot's behavior depending on the strategy you want to use.

The last prompt will ask you to enter a name for the config file. You can also specify the name of your file at the beginning by running create [file_name] command.

Config file templates

These configuration files created and used by Hummingbot are saved in the conf/ directory of your instance, which you can edit directly with a standard text editor.

  • Installed from source: hummingbot/conf
  • Installed via Docker: hummingbot_files/hummingbot_conf
  • hummingbot_files is the default name of the parent directory. This can be different depending on the setup when the instance was created.

The template configuration files can be found here: Config Templates.


Exit Hummingbot and ensure it is not running when you modify the config files. Changes will take effect the next time Hummingbot is started.

Strategy-specific files

Running create command initializes the configuration of global and strategy-specific settings necessary to run the bot.

Running this command will automatically create the following files in these folders:

File Description
conf_client.yml Global configuration settings, e.g. Binance API keys and Ethereum node.
conf_pure_mm_[#].yml Settings for the pure market making strategy.
conf_xemm_[#].yml Settings for the cross-exchange market making strategy.
conf_liquidity_mining_[#].yml Settings for the liquidity mining strategy.
conf_perpetual_market_making_#.yml Settings for the perpetual market making strategy.
conf_arb_[#].yml Settings for the arbitrage strategy.
conf_celo_arb_[#].yml Settings for the celo arbitrage strategy.
conf_amm_arb_[#].yml Settings for the amm arbitrage strategy.
conf_spot_perpetual_arbitrage_[#].yml Settings for the spot perpetual arbitrage strategy.
conf_avellaneda_market_making_[#].yml Settings for the avellaneda market making strategy.
conf_aroon_oscillator_[#].yml Settings for the aroon oscillator
conf_hedge_[#].yml Settings for the hedge
conf_twap_[#].yml Settings for the TWAP
conf_fixed_grid_[#].yml Settings for the fixed grid strategy


For editing configuration files directly, once they are created, you may find it easier to edit the configuration files in the conf/ folder. Simply open them with a text editor and make any desired modifications.

Setup walkthrough

After running create command, you need to setup a strategy along with its parameters.

We have developed walkthroughs for each strategy:


When Running Hummingbot, make sure you are aware of your exchange's minimum order sizes and fees, and check that your trading pair has sufficient order book and trading volumes. You can find more info about specific exchanges in the Connectors section.

Import an existing strategy file

  1. Run import command
  2. Enter the name of your strategy config file

You can also skip the prompt by running import [file_name] command.


Press TAB to scroll through the auto-complete selections.

Sample usage

>>>`import conf_pure_mm_1.yml`
Configuration from conf_pure_mm_1.yml file is imported.

Preliminary checks:
 - Exchange check: All connections confirmed.
 - Strategy check: All required parameters confirmed.
 -All checks: Confirmed.

Enter "start" to start market making

>>> start

Create command shortcuts

To use this feature, open and configure conf_client.yml located under the hummingbot_conf folder.


In past versions of Hummingbot (1.5.0 and below), the conf_client.yml file is named conf_global.yml

Import the lines of code to create a custom command shortcut.

# Command Shortcuts
# Define abbreviations for often used commands
# or batch grouped commands together

  # Assign shortcut command
  command: spreads_refresh

  # Reference
  help: Set bid spread, ask spread, and order refresh time

  # Argument Label
  arguments: [Bid Spread, Ask Spread, Order Refresh Time]

  # Original config output with value
  output: [config bid_spread $1, config ask_spread $2, config order_refresh_time $3]


Custom made commands can only be used once a strategy has been imported.

Custom Script Instructions