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Override Fees

By default, Hummingbot uses the default fees of the exchange. However, if you're on a VIP level getting discounts on fees, you can override this by editing the conf_fee_overrides.yml inside the conf or hummingbot_conf directory, depending on your installation method.

  • Installed from source: hummingbot/conf
  • Installed via Docker: hummingbot_files/hummingbot_conf
  • hummingbot_files is the default name of the parent directory. This can be different depending on the setup when the instance was created.
  • Installed via Binary (Windows): %localappdata%\\Hummingbot\conf
  • Installed via Binary (MacOS): ~/Library/Application\ Support/Hummingbot/Conf


Exit and restart Hummingbot for the changes to take effect.