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Order Override

This feature allows users to customize and specify how Hummingbot creates orders in terms of order levels, spread, and size.


The user provides orders to override the orders placed by the order_amount and order_level parameters directly.

How it works

Since this is a feature designed for advanced users, it is not configurable from the Hummingbot client. Instead, follow the steps below to set up the order_override parameter:

  1. Edit the strategy config file located in the Hummingbot conf folder using a text editor.
    See Where are my config and log files? in the FAQ page for more information.
  2. The input should be in a dictionary format, and the key is user-defined.
    Make sure there is a space between the colon ( : ) and open bracket ( [ ) as shown in the Sample Configuration then save your changes.
  3. For the changes to take effect, perform any of the following:
  4. Run stop command, import the config file again, and then start
  5. Run exit command and restart Hummingbot

While order_override is in effect, it supersedes existing values of bid_spread, ask_spread, order_amount and order_levels.

Sample configuration

    order_1: [sell, 2.5, 5]
    order_2: [sell, 1.5, 10]
    order_3: [buy, 0.5, 1]
    order_4: [buy, 0.8, 3]

Using the sample input above for order_override, Hummingbot creates the following orders:

   Level  Type  Price Spread Amount (Orig)  Amount (Adj)       Age
       2  sell 384.59  2.50%          0.1              5  00:00:01
       1  sell 380.83  1.50%          0.1             10  00:00:01
       1   buy 373.33  0.50%          0.1              1  00:00:01
       2   buy 371.45  0.80%          0.1              3  00:00:01