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Community strategies have passed the Minimum Voting Power Threshold in the latest Poll and are included in each monthly release. They are not maintained by Hummingbot Foundation but may be maintained by a community member.

📝 Summary

This strategy allows market making across multiple pairs on an exchange on a single Hummingbot instance. This is achieved by enabling users to configure the markets they would like to participate in and other market-making configurations. Volatility-Spread adjustment is another key feature of this strategy, where the spreads are dynamically adjusted based on the volatility of the markets.

đŸĻ Exchanges supported


🛠ī¸ Strategy configs

Parameter Type Default Prompt New? Prompt
exchange string True Enter the spot connector to use for liquidity mining)
markets string True Enter a list of markets
token string True What asset (base or quote) do you want to use to provide liquidity?
order_amount decimal True What is the size of each order (in [token] amount)?
spread decimal True How far away from the mid price do you want to place bid and ask orders?
inventory_skew_enabled bool True False Would you like to enable inventory skew? (Yes/No)
target_base_pct decimal True For each pair, what is your target base asset percentage?
order_refresh_time float 10 False How often do you want to cancel and replace bids and asks
order_refresh_tolerance_pct deciimal 0.2 False Enter the percent change in price needed to refresh orders at each cycle
inventory_range_multiplier decimal 1 False What is your tolerable range of inventory around the target, expressed in multiples of your total order size?
volatility_interval int 300 False What is an interval, in second, in which to pick historical mid price data from to calculate market volatility?
avg_volatility_period int 10 False How many interval does it take to calculate average market volatility?
volatility_to_spread_multiplier decimal 1 False Enter a multiplier used to convert average volatility to spread
max_spread decimal -1 False What is the maximum spread?
max_order_age float 3600 False What is the maximum life time of your orders (in seconds)?

📓 Description

Trading logic

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