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Minimum Spread

Released on version 0.28.0

This parameter allows Hummingbot to cancel the active order right away when its spread dips below the specified value.


If the spread of any active order falls below this param value, it will be automatically canceled.

** Prompt: **

At what minimum spread should the bot automatically cancel orders?

How it works

The strategy checks the active order's spread on every tick (1 second).

By default, this is set to -100. Setting this parameter to a negative value disables this feature. To enable, run the config minimum_spread command in the Hummingbot client and specify your minimum spread value.

This only applies to active orders and does not affect hanging orders.

Sample configuration

- bid_spread : 0.50
- ask_spread : 0.50
- minimum_spread : 0.49
- order_refresh_time : 60.0

With the above configuration, the bot creates buy and sell orders at 0.5% spread from mid-price.

00:28:31 - Creating 1 bid orders at (Size, Price): ['0.05 ETH, 227.41USDC']
00:28:31 - Creating 1 ask orders at (Size, Price): ['0.05 ETH, 229.69USDC']
00:28:31 - Created LIMIT_MAKER BUY order x-XEKWYICX-BEHUC1593217711001924 for 0.05000000 ETHUSDC.
00:28:31 - Created LIMIT_MAKER SELL order x-XEKWYICX-SEHUC1593217711002203 for 0.05000000 ETHUSDC.
   Level  Type  Price Spread Amount (Orig)  Amount (Adj)       Age
       1  sell 229.69  0.49%          0.05          0.05  00:00:00
       1   buy 227.41  0.50%          0.05          0.05  00:00:00

Even before the 60 seconds refresh time was up, the sell order was canceled when its spread went below the minimum.

00:28:40 - Order is below minimum spread (0.0049). Cancelling Order: (Sell) ID - x-XEKWYICX-SEHUC1593217711002203
00:28:40 - Cancelling the limit order x-XEKWYICX-SEHUC1593217711002203.
   Level Type  Price Spread Amount (Orig)  Amount (Adj)       Age
       1  buy 227.41  0.52%          0.05          0.05  00:00:12

In the next order refresh, new buy and sell orders with 0.5% spreads will be created.