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Support Hummingbot

Hummingbot Foundation has a fee share partnership with Bybit. When you use our software to trade on Bybit, a custom API header tells Bybit that the trade was executed using Hummingbot, so they share a portion of your fees with us, at no cost to you. To support us, just enter your API keys into Hummingbot and run bots! Thanks for your support! 🙏

🛠 Connector Info

  • Exchange Type: Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Market Type: Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)
Component Status Connector Version V2 Strategies Notes
🔀 Spot Connector ✅ v2.1 Yes Supports MARKET order type
🔀 Perp Connector ✅ v2.1 Yes Supports testnet
đŸ•¯ Spot Candles Feed Not available
đŸ•¯ Perp Candles Feed Not available

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

🔑 How to Connect

Generate API Keys

  • Log in to your Bybit account or Sign Up for a Bybit account.

  • Click on your account icon at the top right corner of the screen, and select API from the drop-down menu.

  • Navigate to the API Management tab and click on Create New Key.

  • Select either System-generated API Keys or Self-generated API Keys.

  • Select Connect to Third-Party Applications, select the third-party application from the drop-down menu, and name the API key.

  • Set the permissions for the API key (e.g., account information, order placement, position information) and click on Submit

  • Copy the API key and secret, and save them somewhere safe.

  • Log in to the third-party application and link the saved API.

Add Keys to Hummingbot

From inside the Hummingbot client, run connect bybit:

Enter your bybit API key >>>
Enter your bybit secret key >>>

If connection is successful:

You are now connected to bybit

🔀 Spot Connector

Integration to spot markets API endpoints

Order Types

This connector supports the following OrderType constants:


Paper Trading

Access the Paper Trade version of this connector by running connect bybit_paper_trade instead of connect bybit.

If this is not available by default, you can configure Hummingbot to add this paper trade exchange. See Adding Exchanges for more information.

🔀 Perp Connector

Integration to perpetual futures markets API endpoints

Order Types

This connector supports the following OrderType constants:


Position Modes

This connector supports the following position modes:

  • One-way
  • Hedge

Paper Trading

This perp exchange offers a paper trading mode:

Afer you create an account and create the API keys, you can enter them by using the connect bybit_perpetual_testnet command within the Hummingbot client. Once connected, you should be able to use the testnet with the available perpetual strategies / scripts.