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Hummingbot is a local software client that helps you run trading strategies that automate the execution of orders and trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges and protocols.

System Requirements

Hummingbot has been successfully tested with the following specifications:

Resource Requirement
Operating System Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 or later (recommended), Debian GNU/Linux 9, CentOS 7, Amazon Linux 2 AMI
MacOS: macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) or later
Windows: Windows 10 or later
Memory/RAM 4 GB for one instance + 250 MB per additional instance_
Storage Install using Docker: 5 GB per instance
Install from source: 3 GB per instance
Network A reliable internet connection is critical to keeping Hummingbot connected to exchanges

Installation Methods

You can install Hummingbot either (1) via Docker or (2) from source.


We recommend installing Hummingbot using Docker if:

  • You want the simplest, easiest installation method
  • You don't need to modify the Hummingbot codebase
  • You want to deploy Hummingbot alongside with Dashboard, Orchestation Module, and other advanced configurations

For most new users, we recommend installing Hummingbot using Docker.

See Install via Docker for more info.


We recommend installing Hummingbot from source if:

  • You want to customize or extend the Hummingbot codebase
  • You want to build new components like connectors or strategies
  • You want to learn how Hummingbot works at a deeper, technical level

See Install from Source or these guides for various environments:


After you have successfully installed Hummingbot, See Post-Installation for how to manage the folder structure, launch/exit the client, update it, etc. Then, check out the [Getting Started] guides(/getting-started) to build and run a trading bot!

MQTT Brokers Repo

See Brokers for more information orchestrating multiple instances of Hummingbot using MQTT message brokers.

Hummingbot in the Cloud

For experienced users, we recommend running Hummingbot in a cloud instance, which enables your bots to run continually with minimized downtime.

Hummingot Docker instances takes up around 500 MB of storage space and 4 GB for Hummingbot Docker images. We have successfully installed and run Hummingbot on the following machine types:

Provider Instance Type Instance Details
Google Cloud Platform g1-small 2 vCPU, 4 GB memory
Amazon Web Services t2.small 2 vCPU, 4 GB memory
Microsoft Azure Standard_D2s_v3 2 vCPU, 8 GB memory

These instances are pre-loaded with system files that takes up around 1.2 GB so we recommend having at least 8 GB of storage space in your cloud server.

Here are more resources that might be helpful: