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Bounty Pricing Guidance

Bounty Types

Bounties can be classified into one of the following types:

  • 🐞 Bug Fix: Fix to a bug in the Hummingbot codebase
  • 🏦 New Connector: A new connector in the Hummingbot or the Hummingbot Gateway codebase
  • 📈 New Strategy/Script: A new Hummingbot strategy or script
  • 🚀 Upgrade: Update or improvement to an exchange connector in the Hummingbot codebase
  • 📺 Connector Guides: Guides that explain how to use an exchange connector

Suggested Bounty Pricing

Task Price Guidance (inclusive of 20% fee)
Add Candles Feed 625 USDC
Add Custom Data Feed 750 USDC
Add Spot CEX Connector 3750 USDC
Add Perp CEX Connector 5000 USDC
Add Spot DEX Connector 3750 USDC
Add Perp DEX Connector 5000 USDC
Add AMM-V2 DEX Connector 3750 USDC
Add AMM-V3 DEX Connector 5000 USDC
Upgrade DEX CLOB 1250-3000 USDC
Update Connector for API Change 1250 USDC
Add Custom Script 625- 3125 USDC
Add Custom V2 Controller 625- 3125 USDC
Add Custom Screener 375 - 750 USDC
Fix Bug 125- 625 USDC
Add Connector Guide 625 USDC

Pay in HBOT for a ½ fees!

Sponsors may fund bounties in HBOT to receive a 50% reduction in the handling fee (10%).

Bounty Handling Fee

Hummingbot Foundation charges Sponsors a Handling Fee for overseeing the entire lifecycle of a bounty: scoping the bounty, finding and assigning the bounty to a qualified contributor, performing engineering/QA review, and conducting payments. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

The standard Handling Fee is 20%. If a Sponsor submits a 1000 USDT total bounty, the Handling Fee is 200 USDT and the Contributor receives 800 USDT.

If the bounty is denominated in HBOT, the Handling Fee is 10%. If a Sponsor submits a 100,000 HBOT total bounty, the Handling Fee is 10,000 HBOT and the Contributor receives 90,000 HBOT.

Payment Process

Contributors are paid only after the bounty fix has been verified and published. Afterwards, Foundation will include the bounty payment in its monthly bounty payout process and mark the bounty as Paid in both Bounties Board and HBOT Tracker.

See Lifecyle of a Bounty for more information.