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Discord Support Program

The Discord Support Program fosters active community engagement by enabling members to collaborate and contribute to issue resolution. This initiative invites participation from non-developers and traders, allowing more people to gain a sense of ownership while being rewarded for their involvement in sustaining a vibrant, responsive support ecosystem within our Discord channels.

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Public Leaderboard

We maintain a public Discord Leaderboard tab in the HBOT Tracker Google Sheet to see the top community members who have earned HBOT for providing support on Discord.

HBOT Tracker

Program Rules

In the recently approved governance proposal, HBOT holders approved the continuation of the Discord Support Program for 2024, allocating a 100,000 HBOT budget per week to be used to reward users who provide quality answers to questions other users ask on Discord.

  • 2024 Weekly Payout: 100,000 HBOT (See HGP-50)
  • Maximum Reward Percentage: Each contributor may earn a maximum of 10% of each weekly payout

Discord Roles

Community members who provide support have the 👋 support-contributor role on Discord.

Community members who evaluate support answers by other users have the support-evaluator role on Discord. Support evaluators include Hummingbot Foundation staff members, as well as independent community members such as wojak, hbminerfan, and MementoMori.

As the number of community support providers grow, we plan to expand this list of support evaluators in lockstep.

Evaluation Process

Discord users with the support-evaluator role may add a 1️⃣, 2️⃣ or 3️⃣ emoji to answers and threads provided by users who have the support-contributor badge. Each thread or set of messages is scored, so that a single conversation with a user is treated as an single answer, which is assigned 1, 2, or 3 points.

  • 1️⃣: 1 point for a basic answer
  • 2️⃣: 2 points for answers concerning V2 Strategies, Dashboard, and other new/advanced Hummingbot features
  • 3️⃣: 3 points for going the extra mile in assisting users and hand-holding them through their issues via in a Discord thread.

Currently, the Foundation team manually tracks evaluated responses in the Discord Support Program Tracker and computes the weekly rewards earned by each support provider. We plan to automate this process in the future.

At the end of the month, contributors will receive their total bounties earned, either in USDC or HBOT based on the current preference they indicated in the onboarding form.