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Bounty Sponsors

Hummingbot's bounty system lets sponsors tap into the thousands of quant traders and developers globally who run Hummingbot. Bounties offer a platform for those seeking development work on exchange connectors, strategies, bug fixes, and more to connect with skilled developers capable of building these solutions.

By sponsoring a bounty, you're making a significant contribution to the Hummingbot project, enabling important improvements and new features that will benefit the entire community!

If you are interested in sponsoring a bounty, here's how you can get started.

Types of Bounties

Here are various types of bounties that you can sponsor:

  • 🐞 Bug Fix: Fix to a bug in the Hummingbot codebase
  • 🚀 Enhancement: Update or improvement to a component in the Hummingbot codebase
  • 📺 Content: Documentation, videos, guides, and other content that explains how to use an aspect of Hummingbot
  • 🔬 Research: Investigation into possible work and recommendation on how to proceed
  • 🏦 New Connector: A new Hummingbot connector. May be public and included in official releases (requires proposal) or delivered as private fork.
  • 📈 New Strategy/Script: A new Hummingbot strategy or script. May be public or private fork.

Getting Started

Typically, bounty sponsors include:

  • Exchanges who want Hummingbot connectors built and updated, bugs fixed, or content created
  • DEXs and blockchain protocols who want to build Hummingbot connectors and content related to it
  • Individual traders or trading firms who want private Hummingbot connectors or strategies

There are two paths that bounty sponsors can take:

  • Post a Bounty: Post a single bounty on Bounties Board and let us handle the rest, from assigning a dev to testing and delivering the code. To get started, identify or create a Github issue, and fill out the following form:

New Hummingbot Bounty

  • Managed Bounties Wallet: Sponsor Hummingbot Foundation and we manage a multi-sig Bounties Wallet to build, maintain, and promote your connectors. For more information, see the presentation below:

Hummingbot Partnership Deck

Handling Fee

Hummingbot Foundation charges Sponsors a Handling Fee for overseeing the entire lifecycle of a bounty: scoping the bounty, finding and assigning the bounty to a qualified contributor, performing engineering/QA review, and conducting payments. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

The standard Handling Fee is 20%. If a Sponsor submits a 1000 USDT total bounty, the Handling Fee is 200 USDT and the Contributor receives 800 USDT.

If the bounty is denominated in HBOT, the Handling Fee is 10%. If a Sponsor submits a 100,000 HBOT total bounty, the Handling Fee is 10,000 HBOT and the Contributor receives 90,000 HBOT.

Foundation Bounty Wallets

In order to fund the bounty, the Sponsor should send the total bounty amount to a designated Foundation wallet:

Since HBOT is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, all HBOT bountiy amounts must be sent to the Ethereum wallet.