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Hummingbot 2024 Technical Roadmap: Innovating for the Future


After a year of significant milestones in 2023, we're excited to announce the 2024 Hummingbot technical roadmap! Our plans are geared towards enhancing the usability, functionality, and scalability of our platform. Building on the emergence of the V2 framework, we are excited to introduce a range of innovative features that will redefine algorithmic trading for our users.

Here what we expect to deliver from a technical standpoint in 2024:

State of the Foundation 2024


As 2023 winds to a close, reported volumes from Hummingbot clients have reached an all-time high of $140M per day. Widespread usage of Hummingbot across 114 exchange venues spanning both official releases and unofficial forks shows that Hummingbot is becoming the industry standard for market maker connectivity.

Since it has been two eventful years have passed since the inception of the Hummingbot Foundation and the issuance of the HBOT token, we wanted to update the original Hummingbot Foundation whitepaper. Specifically, this post has three objectives:

  1. Provide a retrospective on the Foundation’s journey over the past two years,
  2. Propose changes to the Hummingbot governance system, and;
  3. Offer a preliminary HBOT allocation budget for 2024.

Hummingbot 2023 Roadmap Update

In December, we shared our ambitious technical roadmap for 2023, detailing the features and improvements we planned to introduce throughout the year. Today, we are excited to provide an update on the progress we've made, the milestones we've reached, and the exciting plans we have for the remainder of the year.

What's Been Shipped

We are proud to have completed several key items from our roadmap:

Hummingbot 2023 Governance Roadmap

Specifics on our governance roadmap for 2023, Epoch 2 retrospective, and Epoch 3 changes.

In our last governance post, we summarized Hummingbot Foundation's progress since we launched the HBOT governance token one year ago, as well as the lessons that we've learned about how to structure the governance process. In particular, the Foundations plans to start regular monthly Polls to allow HBOT users to decide how the scarce maintenance bandwidth would be allocated across various exchanges, strategies, and issues in the Hummingbot codebase.

As a follow-up, this post provides more specifics on our governance roadmap for 2023. This post also serves as the retrospective for Epoch 2 and outlines changes for Epoch 3.

Hummingbot Roadmap - Q2 2021


Two years ago, we decided to open source the technology stack that powered our quant hedge fund and launch Hummingbot. Back then, everyone thought we were crazy, stupid, or both.

Today, Hummingbot has become the leading open source trading bot project in crypto, with 12,000+ Discord community members, 1,700+ stars, 700+ forks, and 80 contributors. With integrations to 20+ exchanges and an expanding list of protocols, Hummingbot helps both individual and professional quant traders all over the world skip the low-level drudgery of building and maintaining integrations to centralized and decentralized exchanges alike.

Hummingbot 2020 Roadmap


2019 recap

At Hummingbot, our mission is to democratize high-frequency trading (HFT).

Before, only hedge funds had the technology to run lucrative HFT strategies like market making and arbitrage. After we launched Hummingbot in April 2019, ten thousand people around the world have installed our open source HFT software. Currently, Hummingbot's weekly install rate is growing at an 18% clip.