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Retrospective on the October 2023 Bot Battle


October 2023 was a particularly notable month since it marked the official Bot Battle, an exclusive monthly bot trading competition for Botcamp members. With eyes set on the prize and minds focused on performance, we embarked on a journey that tested both our strategic prowess and our bots' capabilities.

Diving into the October Bot Battle

Commencing on October 27th and running through to October 30th, I, alongside my fellow active Botcamp members, took part in a vibrant competition designed to pit our automated trading strategies against one another. As per the rules, our arsenal included any Hummingbot strategy or script, with a starting capital of no more than 200 USDT and the mandate that no additional top-ups were allowed post-competition commencement.

⚔️ Beta Bot Battle Results and Roundup!

The Beta Bot Battle has concluded, and we're thrilled to present the outcomes to the broader Hummingbot community!

Over a 48-hour period in September, Hummingbot users competed to see whose bots could earn the most profits and trade the highest volume, starting with an 100 USDT initial balance on Binance.

This inaugural experiment was, in our view, a resounding success. Though the participation was limited due to it being the first edition, the energy and camaraderie displayed on the #competitions Discord channel were palpable. We celebrated numerous triumphs, empathized with the setbacks, and eagerly anticipated the insights from participant write-ups about effective strategies.

Let's delve into the results:

⚔️ Join the Beta Bot Battle!

Hey there, bot runners! We're super excited to announce the first Bot Battle, a 48-hour trading competition for the Hummingbot community!

Whether you're a seasoned quant trader or just dipping your toes into the world of crypto bots, this competition is tailor-made for you! Compete with other bot-runners, see how your strategy stacks up, and win prizes!

This Beta Bot Battle is a test run for the monthly bot trading competitions that will be a major component of Botcamp starting in October. While the Botcamp competitions will be reserved exclusively for Botcamp members, we are opening up this beta competition to any Hummingbot user! Trading Competition: Results and Retrospective

Last month, we partnered with to organize a Trading Competition for the Hummingbot community. The goal was to conduct an experiment to see if these types of promotions would be mutually beneficial for the Hummingbot community and the exchange itself.

Here are the results of the competition, which ran for one month from October 10 to November 10:

  • 408 average weekly participants
  • $10.2M total traded volume
  • $4,991 in total fees to

Open DeFi Hackathon - Join the Hunt for Hummingbot Bounties


Hello Hummingbot Community Developers!

Today we are happy to announce that we will be part of the upcoming Open Defi Hackathon in May!

What is Open Defi?

The Open Defi Network is “a global initiative to develop the decentralized financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchains.”

As a part of the cryptocurrency space, we strongly believe in the power of decentralization and community-driven projects.