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User Interviews

Interview with Liquidity Miner MrBig


During the past nine months since we launched liquidity mining, we witnessed great participation from our ever-increasing miner community. Together, we’ve reached one milestone after another. In this post, we introduce one of our top liquidity miners, MrBig1964, to you. Hope you can learn something from him!

MrBig1964 is one of our Eagle Club members, who has been trading cryptocurrency and Forex for years. In his interview, he emphasizes the compounding effect of daily small profits (0.6-0.7% in his case) and suggests fellow traders do stay calm and do not be greedy.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice. All views expressed in this interview are the interviewee’s and do not represent the opinions of Hummingbot does not guarantee nor claim to guarantee profits.

Interview with Community Member Vik


2023 Update: Discover Vik's journey in Botcamp!

Over four months have passed since we initiated Liquidity Mining. With an increasing number of token projects and miners, our platform has seen significant growth. In this post, we feature Vik, one of our top liquidity miners, and her insightful experiences.

Vik embarked on her Bitcoin journey in December 2017, purchasing at the market peak. Despite significant losses in the following year, she persevered, refining her trading strategies and eventually discovering the benefits of liquidity mining. Currently, she achieves a monthly return of approximately 5-7% through this approach.

Interview with Market Maker Harry Yeh


We recently had the opportunity to interview Harry Yeh, Managing Partner at Binary Fintech Group, who brings over seven years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Binary Fintech Group, initially established as an Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desk, caters to a select group of crypto traders. Recently, leveraging the capabilities of Hummingbot, they have embarked on implementing high-frequency market making strategies.

In this post, we share key excerpts from our video interview, wherein Harry imparts valuable insights into the nuances of crypto algorithmic trading and market making.

Interview with Liquidity Miner Neohowie


Nearly three months have passed since the launch of Miner. We are thrilled to witness the enthusiastic participation and fierce competition among many miners in our liquidity mining program.

In this post, we introduce Neohowie, a consistent ranker in our Weekly Top 10. Beginning his crypto journey in 2015, he has gained significant insights into market making through our liquidity mining program. Let's explore his journey!

Interview with Liquidity Miner Lorenzo


It's been just over two months since the launch of our Liquidity Mining program. With intense competition, miners have been diligently striving to ascend our leaderboard. We've witnessed an increase in miners joining the program and investing substantial asset amounts.

In this post, we introduce Lorenzo Boyice, a relatively new member of our community who has consistently ranked in the Weekly Top 10 for the past few weeks. In 2010, he faced a dilemma when hackers demanded a 21 Bitcoin ransom to unlock his computer files. Now, as a software engineer, he began investing in cryptocurrencies in late 2018/early 2019. Through liquidity mining, his current monthly return ranges between 3-5%.

Interview with Liquidity Miner Dominator008


It's been just over two months since the launch of the $ONE Makers liquidity bounty program. With intense competition, bounty hunters have diligently worked to climb the ranks on our newly launched, real-time leaderboard. The trading volume for $ONE in July and August totaled an impressive USD $5.98 million.

In this post, we're excited to introduce Dominator008, who clinched the #1 spot in the August reward period and has earned over 10 ETH in the previous period. Dominator008, a software engineer by profession with a deeply technical background, joined $ONE Makers in mid-July. He is currently utilizing hummingbot to trade various pairs, including ONE.

Interview with Liquidity Miner David Salter


Three weeks have passed since the launch of the $ONE Makers liquidity bounty program in collaboration with Harmony Protocol. We've witnessed $ONE's trading volume soar beyond 130 million. Bounty hunters are vying fiercely to ascend our leaderboard.

In this edition, we spotlight David Salter, who currently holds the #6 rank (as of July 22, 2019) and has accrued approximately 1ETH in bounty rewards. Boasting a solid technical background, David has extensive experience in the telecommunications and finance sectors. His journey into cryptocurrency trading began in July 2017, and he now consistently achieves 0.5%-3% profit per trade using Hummingbot during his trading sessions.

Join us as we delve into David's experiences and gather insights from his trading strategies!