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Announcing the Vega Protocol Connector and Sponsorship

With the release of a new connector guide for the Vega DEX connector, we are thrilled to officially welcome Vega Protocol as a sponsor and partner of Hummingbot Foundation!

As an open source foundation dedicated to democratizing algo trading, Hummingbot Foundation seeks to align with like-minded organizations. We've known the Vega founding team since 2019 (an eternity in crypto!) and share their commitment to decentralized, permissionless trading. Built on a Layer 1 blockchain designed for derivatives trading, Vega Protocol stands out with its permissionless market creation feature, which enables any participant to launch a new market (trading pair) through governance.

That's why we're excited to warmly introduce Vega as a new Hummingbot Foundation sponsor, which will support our efforts to maintain the Vega integration to Hummingbot and educate our respective communities on how to use it!

Introducing the Perpetual Protocol Connector and Strategy


We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Perpetual Protocol, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange of perpetual contracts for any asset. With this partnership, Hummingbot users will be able to earn arbitrage profits from reconciling price differences between Perpetual markets and spot markets.

The Perp connector is included with the v0.37.0 release of Hummingbot that will be shipped on March 8, 2021, along with a new perpetual-to-spot arbitrage strategy.

Since we launched the perpetual market making strategy, a new strategy to exploit arbitrage profits between perpetual and spot markets has been highly requested by our community. This new strategy allows users to arbitrage price differences between the perpetual contracts exchanges, such as powered by Perpetual Protocol and Binance Futures, and other Hummingbot supported spot exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Huobi.

Partnering with Balancer


We're incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Balancer, a leading Ethereum decentralized exchange, that allows Hummingbot users to earn arbitage profits from reconciling differences between Balancer and other exchanges.

The Balancer connector is included with the v0.33 release of Hummingbot that ships today, along with a new amm-arb strategy.

This new strategy allows allows users to arbitrage price differences between automatic market maker (AMM) protocols like Balancer and other Hummingbot supported exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Huobi.

Introducing the Celo Arbitrage Bot



In the next release of Hummingbot (ETA 2 weeks), we will be officially supporting the Celo blockchain protocol and releasing a new algorithmic trading strategy called celo-arb.

This strategy will allow anyone with cGLD or cUSD, the two native tokens of the Celo ecosystem, to earn arbitrage profits while contributing to the stability of the Celo protocol.

In addition, this strategy bridges the disparate worlds of centralized order book exchanges and decentralized automated market makers (AMMs), improving efficiency and price discovery for both.

Hummingbot Collaborates With Binance


Hummingbot is excited to announce that it is working with Binance on two strategic initiatives:

  1. Bringing new algorithmic traders to Binance using Hummingbot and
  2. Expanding liquidity mining with an issuer referral program.

Hummingbot is an open-source crypto trading software client that allows users to trade cryptocurrency with high-frequency trading strategies such as market making and arbitrage. Hummingbot currently supports nine exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Binance was among the first exchanges that Hummingbot supported at launch.

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Since early 2018, Binance has been considered as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.

Hummingbot Partners with KuCoin


Hummingbot is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with leading crypto exchange KuCoin to bring Hummingbot’s trading capabilities to the exchange.

KuCoin Exchange Connector

Integrating Hummingbot to KuCoin will enable KuCoin's account holders to deploy Hummingbot’s quantitative and algorithmic strategies to engage in high frequency, automated trading. Currently available strategies include market making, arbitrage, liquidity mirroring, as well as trade execution strategies such as TWAP and VWAP execution. Hummingbot also allows users to create their own custom strategies.

Development of the KuCoin exchange connector is already underway. The connector is currently undergoing testing and we expect to release the integration by the end of January 2020.

Introducing Harmony Liquidity Bounties


A new approach to solving one of the biggest problems that face issuers of digital tokens: liquidity.

For the first Liquidity Bounty, we have partnered with our friends at Harmony Protocol, a Layer 1 blockchain project with key innovations in sharding and network transport, founded by a highly technical team from Google, Apple, and Amazon.