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⚔️ Join the Beta Bot Battle!

Hey there, bot runners! We're super excited to announce the first Bot Battle, a 48-hour trading competition for the Hummingbot community!

Whether you're a seasoned quant trader or just dipping your toes into the world of crypto bots, this competition is tailor-made for you! Compete with other bot-runners, see how your strategy stacks up, and win prizes!

This Beta Bot Battle is a test run for the monthly bot trading competitions that will be a major component of Botcamp starting in October. While the Botcamp competitions will be reserved exclusively for Botcamp members, we are opening up this beta competition to any Hummingbot user!

🕒 Competition Overview

Run a strategy or script using Hummingbot on Binance Spot OR Binance Futures using a starting balance of 100 USDT during the following time period:

  • Start: Mon September 18, 2023, 12:00AM Hong Kong/Singapore time
  • End: Wed September 20, 2023, 12:00AM Hong Kong/Singapore time

Afterwards, submit a Hummingbot screenshot and other standard output.

To determine who wins, each bot will be scored based on Dollar P&L (70% weight) and Trade Volume (30% weight), and the top 10 bots will run HBOT prizes, along with anyone who submits a Battle Retrospective!

Since the overarching purpose of these competitions is to educate the Hummingbot community on how to run bots in real-life conditions, we will also reward any participants that submit high-quality strategy writeups.

💥 How to Join

  1. Simply hop over to the Battle Signup Form and sign up!
  2. Next, fund a sub-account or new account on Binance with 100 USDT. You can use the following referral links if you don't have an account: Binance Spot | Binance Futures
  3. Make sure your bot is all set and ready to roll before the competition kicks off.
  4. Run your bot during the competition period.

📊 Rules in Detail

Supported Exchanges:

For this first Bot Battle, participants should run their bot on either Binance Futures or Binance Spot. Your strategy can run on any number of trading pairs, as long as your bot only places trades on a single exchange.

Starting Amount:

Every participant should start with 100 USDT in your account. You can either create a new Binance or Binance Futures account or create a sub-account with that amount.

We plan to allow users to utilize higher amounts in the future. Since this is a beta competition for educational purposes, we want to encourage smaller traders to participate.

Ranking System

Your performance will be judged based on two factors:

  • Dollar Profit and Loss (P&L): Total profit made by your bot
  • Trading Volume: Total trade volume generated by your bot

After the competition period, we will use the Mean/Max/Scalar formula to normalize each participant's Dollar P&L and Trade Volume amounts:

  • Numerator: X - X_min
  • Denominator: X_max - X_min

Then, we will apply a 70% weight to your Dollar P&L score and a 30% weight to your Trade Volume score to derive your total Bot Battle score.

🎁 Competition Prizes

Performance Prizes:

  1. First Place: 100,000 HBOT (appoximately 300 USDT currently!)
  2. Second Place: 50,000 HBOT
  3. Third to Tenth Place: 10,000 HBOT each

Restrospective Prizes:

Hummingbot is a community of algo trader who learn from each other, and introspecting your bot's performance and drawing lessons learned is incredibly valuable.

For those in the competition, share a written retrospective about the thesis behind your trading strategy, how it performed, and lessons that you drew from your Bot Battle experience. We'll reward all quality writeups (as determined by the Foundation team):

  • Best Writeup: 50,000 HBOT
  • Other High-Quality Writeups: 10,000 HBOT

📥 How to Submit

Collect the following information from your Hummingbot instance:

  1. Screenshot of history command
  2. Trades CSV file from your bot's data folder
  3. Strategy Logs from your bot's logs folder

Submit this info along with the optional restrospective in the Battle Submission Form before the deadline: Wednesday September 27, 2023.


What strategies can I run?

Any Hummingbot strategy that trades in a single exchange is eligible:

  • Pure Market Making strategy
  • Fixed Grid script
  • Directional scripts
  • V2 Market Making strategy

You may also run your own custom strategies as they only place trades on a single venue.

How many trading pairs can I use?

Your strategy can run on an unlimited number of trading pairs, as long as your bot only trades on one of these exchanges.

Can I start and stop my bot during the competition period?

Absolutely, you have unlimited starting and stopping powers.

Can I trade manually?

Nope, this is a bot-only competition

Which versions of Hummingbot can I use?

Any version or custom fork – you've got options!

Can I top up my account once the competition begins?

Sorry, but no top-ups allowed. You'll have to make magic with your initial 100 USDT.

Can I use leverage?

Yes, go ahead and crank up the leverage as much as your heart desires.

How many bot instances can I run?

Each participant should only run a single bot instance.

📣 Follow the Battle

We will create a #competitions Discord channel, the hub for mingling with fellow participants.

Even if you're not running a bot, join the channel to indulge in some friendly trash talk and see the screenshots posted by bot runners throughout the competition!

Sign up now!