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Does Community-Based Market Making Work?

Analyzing 2 months of data from $ONE Makers


Two months ago, in conjunction with our friends from Harmony Protocol, we started an experimental program called $ONE Makers to see if ordinary individuals using Hummingbot to run market making bots could effectively provide the same level of liquidity as professional market makers.

Both we and Harmony viewed $ONE Makers as an experiment. In particular, we wanted to answer the following questions:

  • Could people actually make money or would they get destroyed by more sophisticated players?
  • How many people are needed to effectively replace a professional market maker?

Read on and find out!

Interview with Liquidity Miner Dominator008


It's been just over two months since the launch of the $ONE Makers liquidity bounty program. With intense competition, bounty hunters have diligently worked to climb the ranks on our newly launched, real-time leaderboard. The trading volume for $ONE in July and August totaled an impressive USD $5.98 million.

In this post, we're excited to introduce Dominator008, who clinched the #1 spot in the August reward period and has earned over 10 ETH in the previous period. Dominator008, a software engineer by profession with a deeply technical background, joined $ONE Makers in mid-July. He is currently utilizing hummingbot to trade various pairs, including ONE.

Interview with Liquidity Miner David Salter


Three weeks have passed since the launch of the $ONE Makers liquidity bounty program in collaboration with Harmony Protocol. We've witnessed $ONE's trading volume soar beyond 130 million. Bounty hunters are vying fiercely to ascend our leaderboard.

In this edition, we spotlight David Salter, who currently holds the #6 rank (as of July 22, 2019) and has accrued approximately 1ETH in bounty rewards. Boasting a solid technical background, David has extensive experience in the telecommunications and finance sectors. His journey into cryptocurrency trading began in July 2017, and he now consistently achieves 0.5%-3% profit per trade using Hummingbot during his trading sessions.

Join us as we delve into David's experiences and gather insights from his trading strategies!

Introducing Harmony Liquidity Bounties


A new approach to solving one of the biggest problems that face issuers of digital tokens: liquidity.

For the first Liquidity Bounty, we have partnered with our friends at Harmony Protocol, a Layer 1 blockchain project with key innovations in sharding and network transport, founded by a highly technical team from Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Hummingbot is Live!

Welcome to decentralized market making.

Hummingbot is now public and open-source, and we’re beyond excited to bring this high-frequency market making trading bot to the masses.

The software is currently available on our Github and Docker.

How to Think about Liquidity - BlockCrunch

Alt text

This post is adapted from a BlockCrunch podcast featuring Michael Feng, co-founder of Hummingbot.

Why is Liquidity Beneficial for Exchanges and Token Projects?

Liquidity offers a major benefit of price discovery: ensuring market prices are fair. When purchasing liquid assets like Apple shares from platforms like Robinhood or E*TRADE, you're assured that reselling them won't lead to significant losses. Conversely, in less liquid markets, such as certain crypto markets, you might encounter a situation where the buying price is 20% higher than the selling price, a phenomenon known as the bid-ask spread.