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Liquidity Mining with Hummingbot

In this guide, you'll learn how to set up a market making bot using Hummingbot that earns liquidity rewards on Miner, a liquidity mining platform that provides a decentralized, community-powered approach to market making across various exchanges.

First, you'll create API keys and add them to Miner. Next, you will install the open source Hummingbot algorithmic trading software and run the liquidity_mining strategy in Hummingbot, which we recommend for new users. Finally, we'll show you how to collect your rewards and assess your bot's performance in the Miner app.


Miner is not maintained by nor affiliated with Hummingbot Foundation. Neither this nor any other Hummingbot documentation constitutes financial advice. Hummingbot does not guarantee rewards, but provides the general public access to the same market making and liquidity mining roles previously reserved for large hedge funds.


  1. Create API Keys
  2. Configure Miner
  3. Install Hummingbot
  4. Create Bot
  5. Earn Rewards