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Botcamp FAQ

Describe Botcamp in a nutshell.

Botcamp is a training program for market makers and algo traders. It provides a structured curriculum and monthly live sessions that teach members how to design and develop strategies from scratch using Hummingbot, as well as monthly bot trading compeitions for them to test their strategies under real-world conditions.

How does new monthly version of Botcamp differ from the past version?

Botcamp started as an intensive 6-week developer bootcamp that culminated in a Demo Day. More than 120 students across 5 cohorts took the course, and many of the open-source sample scripts located in the /scripts folder on Hummingbot were contributed by Botcamp students.

To make Botcamp more affordable and accessible for full-time professionals, it is now a monthly program with live sessions, new content, office hours, and bot trading competitions every month. Members also get access to the Content Library which contains a structured version of the original Botcamp course.

What happens if I can’t make a live session?

Botcamp is designed to allow students to attend from anywhere.

All live sessions are held at 2pm UTC time, a time that should allows participants from Europe, Asia, and Americas to join. All sessions are live recorded and you are able to watch that afterwards.

All content modules and live session recordings are available for you as long as your Botcamp membership is active.

I work full-time - what’s the expected time commitment?

Botcamp is designed for full-time professionals. The Content Library contains many hours of videos, homework, and quizzes that are are designed to help you learn at your own pace. Each month features live sessions, new content, and trading competitions which should take up 5-10 hours of time per month.

What’s the refund and cancellation policy?

You can ask for a full refund if you're not satisfied with Botcamp within 7 days of enrollment. Afterwards, you can cancel your membership at any time, and you will have access to the Botcamp platform until your membership expires.

Do I need coding experience to take Botcamp?

Our course requires only basic knowledge in coding. Members will be creating scripts like the ones in the Hummingbot scripts folder. Can you read the Python code in these scripts and understand basically what they are doing? If so, you should have sufficient coding skills to succeed in Botcamp.

Are group membership discounts available?

Yes, we offer discounts for teams signing up as a group! Email [email protected] and provide information about your team size to learn about what discounts are available.

How long will I have access to the course content?

As you have an active Botcamp membership, you will have access to the content modules and live session recordings.

Will the program have non-English speakers?

Botcamp members come from all over the world. While primary course content is in English, each video has subtitles, and certain Botcamp mentors are fluent in other languages such as Mandarin and Russian and may offer assistance during 1:1 sessions.

Can I get reimbursed by my company?

Yes, we can provide you with an invoice. Some companies offer learning budgets and you may be able to expense the program from your company depending on your company policies.

What have past Botcamp alumni done afterwards?

Past Botcamp members have:

  • Landed a trading job at a crypto market making firm
  • Ran a market making bot for their own token
  • Built a consistently profitable trading strategy
  • Partnered with other Botcamp members to work on projects together
  • Become a mentor in future Botcamp cohorts

What are some scripts created by Botcamp members?

Botcamp members have created many of the growing library of example scripts in the Hummingbot codebase.

How does Botcamp mentorship work?

To get help with various aspects of algo trading and coding, you can book 1:1 sessions with experienced Botcamp alumni and Hummingbot developers who act as Botcamp mentors.