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🛠 Connector Info

  • Exchange Type: Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Market Type: Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)
  • Maintenance Tier:
  • Maintainer:

Currently, Kujira is a Bronze exchange, as voted by HBOT holders in each quarterly Epoch. This means Hummingbot Foundation does not maintain the components below, but community members may submit Proposals to fund development bounties and approve pull requests to fix bugs and add enhancements to them.

Component Status Notes
🔀 Spot Connector ✅ Supports testnet
🔀 Perp Connector Not available
đŸ•¯ Spot Candles Feed Not available
đŸ•¯ Perp Candles Feed Not available

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

🔑 How to Connect

Create a Keplr wallet to use the supported networks below:

Chain Networks
kujira mainnet, testnet

From inside the Hummingbot client, run gateway connect kujira in order to connect your wallet:

In the private key field you have to put your mnemonic.

Which chain do you want kujira to connect to? (kujira) >>> kujira

Which network do you want kujira to connect to? (mainnet, testnet) >>> mainnet

Do you want to continue to use node url 'None' for kujira-mainnet? (Yes/No) >>> Yes

Enter your kujira-mainnet wallet private key >>>  *****************************

Enter your kujira account number (input 0 if unsure) >>> 0

If connection is successful:

The kujira connector now uses wallet [pubKey] on kujira-mainnet  

🔀 Spot Connector

Integration to spot markets API endpoints

Order Types

This connector supports the following OrderType constants: