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Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build high-frequency crypto trading bots that specialize in market making and arbitrage strategies




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Why use Hummingbot?

Open source and free

Hummingbot is a local software client that never exposes your keys externally. The entire codebase is publicly auditable on Github

CEX and DEX connectors

We support most major centralized and decentralized exchanges, allowing you to hedge and arbitrage between them seamlessly

Advanced market making strategies

With sophisticated strategies like Avellaneda, Hummingbot is the only trading bot designed for professional market makers and liquidity providers

What can you do with Hummingbot?

Traders & Developers

Learn to build HFT bots

Join Hummingbot BotCamp and build your own custom HFT and market making bots

Earn liquidity mining rewards

Run market making bots on Miner and earn rewards based on open order volume

Capture HBOT bounties

Earn HBOT bounties by fixing bugs and contributing to the Hummingbot codebase

Exchanges & Protocols

Tap into our global market maker community

Get exposure to thousands of market makers who run Hummingbot daily

Own your liquidity with self-serve market making

Save money vs hiring market makers by running your own market making bots

Add your own connector to the Hummingbot codebase

Build and contribute your CEX and DEX connectors to our open source codebase

HBOT Token

HBOT is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that trades on Uniswap, where holders can trade it or earn fees for providing liquidity.

Market Making
Get Involved

Discuss active proposals on our official Discord and then vote your HBOT tokens on Snapshot.

Reported Volumes

Real-time dashboard of daily anonymized, aggregated volume reported by Hummingbot users.

Open source ecosystem that serves both institutional and individual users

Hummingbot Foundation

Open source foundation that mobilizes the global community of Hummingbot developers and HBOT token holders to maintain and govern Hummingbot.

CoinAlpha, Inc.

The company that created Hummingbot, CoinAlpha provides liquidity solutions to exchanges, protocols, trading firms, and other institutions.

Learn the dark arts of market making with Hummingbot BotCamp
Join a global community of algo traders

Join the 10,000+ algo traders and market makers in the global Hummingbot community