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Unleash your algo trading potential

Dive deep into algorithmic trading with seasoned experts and a dedicated community. Learn, backtest, and deploy game-changing strategies.

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Dive into Botcamp

Botcamp, Hummingbot's official training course, teaches you how to create, fine-tune, and master sophisticated algo trading strategies. Whether you're an individual or professional trader, immerse yourself in:

  • Exclusive Content

    Delve into a curated video library with over 30+ hours of live instruction.

  • Monthly Bot Battles

    Hone your skills and win token rewards in monthly bot trading competitions

  • Personalized Coaching

    Hands-on guidance from the trading masters.

  • Exclusive Community

    Collaborate with like-minded traders.

Is Botcamp for You?

Join over 120 lifelong learners who mastering algo trading with Botcamp.

  • Algo Traders

    Automate your trading strategies and discover techniques used by the pros

  • Token Projects

    Learn how to run market making and DEX arbitrage bots to power your token's liquidity

  • Industry Professionals

    Grow your professional network via the Botcamp community.

Learn to Create Cutting Edge Strategies