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V2 Scripts

A script serves as the main entry point for a V2 strategy and lets the user define its configuration parameters and import the Controller which orchestrates the overall strategy behavior.

Below, we walk through the code of the DMan-V3 script that utilizes the DMan-V3 controller.

Script Inheritance

Like all Hummingbot scripts, the DManV3 script inherits from the ScriptStrategyBase class. It instantiates a dictionary of connectors that interface with various exchanges to facilitate trading operations.

class DManV3MultiplePairs(ScriptStrategyBase):

Configuration Parameters

The initial section of DManV3 script lets the user define all the configuration parameters of the strategy:

    # Account configuration
    exchange = "binance_perpetual"
    trading_pairs = ["ETH-USDT"]
    leverage = 20

    # Candles configuration
    candles_exchange = "binance_perpetual"
    candles_interval = "1h"
    candles_max_records = 300
    bollinger_band_length = 200
    bollinger_band_std = 3.0

    # Orders configuration
    order_amount = Decimal("25")
    n_levels = 5
    start_spread = 0.5  # percentage of the bollinger band (0.5 means that the order will be between the bollinger mid-price and the upper band)
    step_between_orders = 0.3  # percentage of the bollinger band (0.1 means that the next order will be 10% of the bollinger band away from the previous order)

    # Triple barrier configuration
    stop_loss = Decimal("0.01")
    take_profit = Decimal("0.03")
    time_limit = 60 * 60 * 6
    trailing_stop_activation_price_delta = Decimal("0.008")
    trailing_stop_trailing_delta = Decimal("0.004")

    # Advanced configurations
    side_filter = True
    dynamic_spread_factor = True
    dynamic_target_spread = False
    smart_activation = False
    activation_threshold = Decimal("0.001")

You can define one or more Candles, a moving window of historical OHLCV data along with computed indicators that can be used to dynamically define your strategy.

Above, candles_exchanges, where data is sourced, is identical to exchange, where Executors are placed. However, you may utilize different exchanges to utilize data from larger, more liquid exchanges to trade on smaller, less liquid venues.

Orders Execution

  • exchange: Specifies the exchange where the strategy will be executed.
  • trading_pairs: Lists the trading pairs to be monitored and traded.
  • leverage: Sets the leverage level for trades.

Candles Exchange

  • candles_exchange: Designates the exchange source for candle data.
  • candles_interval: Defines the time interval for each candle.
  • candles_max_records: Limits the number of candle records to be maintained.
  • bollinger_band_length: Determines the length of the Bollinger Bands calculation.
  • bollinger_band_std: Specifies the standard deviation multiplier for Bollinger Bands.

Orders Configuration

  • order_amount: Sets the default amount for each order.
  • n_levels: Specifies the number of order levels to be created.
  • start_spread: Defines the initial spread as a percentage of the Bollinger Band width.
  • step_between_orders: Sets the increment between successive order levels, again as a percentage of the Bollinger Band width.

Triple Barrier Configuration

  • stop_loss: Determines the stop-loss percentage.
  • take_profit: Sets the take-profit percentage.
  • time_limit: Establishes a time limit for the trade.
  • trailing_stop_activation_price_delta: Specifies the delta for activating a trailing stop.
  • trailing_stop_trailing_delta: Sets the trailing delta for the trailing stop.

Advanced Configurations

  • side_filter: Toggles the use of side filtering in strategy decision-making.
  • dynamic_spread_factor: Enables dynamic adjustment of the spread factor.
  • dynamic_target_spread: Allows dynamic targeting of spreads.
  • smart_activation: Activates intelligent trade initiation based on predefined conditions.
  • activation_threshold: Sets the threshold for smart activation.


For each pair where the bot is trading, a DManV3 controller object is created with the user-defined controller configuration:

for trading_pair in trading_pairs:
        config = DManV3Config(
                CandlesConfig(connector=candles_exchange, trading_pair=trading_pair,
                              interval=candles_interval, max_records=candles_max_records),
        controller = DManV3(config=config)
        markets = controller.update_strategy_markets_dict(markets)
        controllers[trading_pair] = controller


This method acts as the script's heartbeat, is called regularly, and is responsible for starting executor handlers if they have not been started already. It allows the strategy to adapt to new market conditions in real time.

def on_tick(self):
    for executor_handler in self.executor_handlers.values():
        if executor_handler.status == ExecutorHandlerStatus.NOT_STARTED:


This overrides the standard status function and provides a formatted string representing the current status of the strategy, including the name, trading pair, and status of each executor.

Users can customize this function to display their custom strategy variables.

def format_status(self) -> str:
        if not self.ready_to_trade:
            return "Market connectors are not ready."
        lines = []
        for trading_pair, executor_handler in self.executor_handlers.items():
                [f"Strategy: {executor_handler.controller.config.strategy_name} | Trading Pair: {trading_pair}",
        return "\n".join(lines)