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📁 Strategy folder

📝 Summary

This strategy is a predecessor to the amm_arb strategy built specifically to help Celo Protocol maintain price stability for its stablecoin pairs. Like amm_arb, this strategy monitors prices between AMM-based exchanges on the Celo blockchain versus another trading pair on another spot or amm exchange in order to identify arbitrage opportunities.

It executes offsetting buy and sell orders in both markets in order to capture arbitrage opportunities with profitability higher than min_profitability, net of transaction costs, which include both blockchain transaction fees (gas) and exchange fees.


Currently, this strategy requires users to install the celo-cli tool alongside Hummingbot. In the future, CoinAlpha plans to add a Celo connector to Gateway so that the generic amm_arb strategy works with Celo.

🏦 Exchanges supported

👷 Maintenance

  • Release added: 0.28.0 by CoinAlpha
  • Maintainer: CoinAlpha

🛠️ Strategy configs

Config map

Parameter Type Default Prompt New? Prompt
secondary_exchange string True Enter your secondary spot connector
secondary_market string True Enter the token trading pair you would like to trade on [secondary_exchange]
order_amount decimal True What is the amount of [base_asset] per order?
min_profitability decimal 0.3 True What is the minimum profitability for you to make a trade?
celo_slippage_buffer decimal 0.01 True How much buffer do you want to add to the Celo price to account for slippage?

📓 Description

Trading logic

Last update: 2021-12-17
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