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This connector is currently being refactored as part of the Gateway V2 redesign. The current version is working, but may have usability issues that will be addressed in the redesign.

📁 Folders

ℹī¸ Protocol Info

Celo Website | CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko

👷 Maintenance

  • Release added: 0.28.0 by CoinAlpha
  • Maintainer: CoinAlpha

🔑 Connection

Install celo-cli tool

To interact with the Celo node, the Hummingbot client depends upon the celo-cli command line tool. Please install celo-cli by following these instructions in the Celo documentation.

Connect Celo ultra-light node

Celo nodes allow the Hummingbot client to interact with the Celo blockchain by connecting to peers, sending transactions, and fetching chain state. Since the client just needs access to the chain and recent blocks, you can run either a Celo full node or an ultra-light node.

Follow the Celo documentation to pull the Celo Docker image and install/configure a node, but stop before the step Start the node:

# Setup the environment variables required for Mainnet

# Pull Celo Docker image
docker pull $CELO_IMAGE

# Set up a data directory
mkdir celo-data-dir
cd celo-data-dir

# Create an account and address
docker run -v $PWD:/root/.celo --rm -it $CELO_IMAGE account new

# Save the address and passphrase. Use the address on environment variable.


Make sure that you save the address and password of the new Celo account address you created. You will need it later.

Instead of installing a full node, run the following command to start an ultra-light node:

docker run --name mainnet -d --restart unless-stopped -p -v $PWD:/root/.celo $CELO_IMAGE --verbosity 3 --syncmode lightest --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcapi eth,net,web3,debug,admin,personal --etherbase $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --allow-insecure-unlock --nousb

Connect Hummingbot

  1. Run the command connect celo in the Hummingbot client
  2. Enter your Celo wallet address
  3. Enter your Celo wallet password

If connection is successful:

You are now connected to celo.


See the Celo-Arb Quickstart guide in Hummingbot Academy.

Last update: 2021-12-17
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