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Getting Started


Quickstart Guides

New to Hummingbot? Start here with step-by-step guides for various use cases:

Install Methods

Developer Guides

📓 Dashboard

  • Youtube Playlist: Youtube playlist of Dashboard videos
  • Github Repo: Dashboard Github repo
  • Discord Channel: If you are interested in contributing to the Dashboard project, please join the #dashboard channel in Discord

Additional Resources

🎓 Hummingbot Academy

  • See Academy for a collection of free resources that help you understand the basics of algo trading and market making.

🙋‍♂️ Getting help

Hummingbot features an active, friendly community of users globally! Here are some ways to get help if you're encountering issues:

  • Check out the FAQ, Troubleshooting, and Glossary pages for answers to common questions about Hummingbot
  • To report a bug or request a new feature, post a Github issue.
  • Join the official Discord and post your question on #support
  • Take Botcamp to learn professional-grade market making and algo trading!

We pledge that we will not use the information/data your provide us for trading purposes nor share them with third parties.