Gateway plans to support the following types of Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEXs:

  • CLOB: CLOB DEXs similar to Serum
  • Margin CLOB: CLOB DEXs that support margin accounts, similar to Mango Markets
  • Perpetual CLOB: CLOB DEXs that support trade perpetual futures
Exchange Website Type Chain(s) Developer Status
Serum CLOB Solana yourtrading-ai In progress
Mango Markets Margin CLOB Solana yourtrading-ai Planned

API Interfaces

See Developers - Gateway API Interfaces for the standard API endpoints that each DEX type supports.

CLOB DEXs with Python SDKs

As an alternative to building a Gateway connector, CLOB DEXs with Python SDKs and centralized exchange-like API interfaces can choose to integrate directly into the standard Hummingbot client. See dYdX for an example of an perpetual futures DEX connector, and Loopring for an example of a spot DEX connector.