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Notes about connecting Gateway to the Avalanche blockchain and its decentralized exchanges.

Special Notes about Avalanche and Pangolin

Gateway V2 uses Avalache's public RPC URLs for connecting to Avalanche and Pangolin. This is good enough for running short-term tests on Pangolin. However, for real trading workloads, you should get a dedicated Avalanche RPC endpoint for your trading bot (e.g. via Moralis Speedy Nodes) - which allows for much higher RPC request volumes from trading bots.

Once you have got a Speedy Node URL, you can set it into Gateway V2 via the following commands

# Set the node URL for Avalanche mainnet
gateway config avalanche.networks.avalanche.nodeURL <Moralis node URL>

# Set the node URL for Avalanche testnet
gateway config avalanche.networks.fuji.nodeURL <Moralis testnet node URL>

Last update: 2022-05-31