Hummingbot Botcamp

Learn the dark arts of crypto market making with our hands-on, small-batch online course

Max 30 seats per cohort

Tuition: $1750/year or $3500/lifetime

Why take Botcamp?

Learn the theory and practice of crypto market making

Hummingbot open sourced the code behind Wall Street's secretive market making algorithms. BotCamp teaches you how to run these algos successfully in volatile crypto markets.

Design and code your own trading strategy

Have an idea for a killer trading algo? In BotCamp, you'll learn how to code your custom strategy using Hummingbot in just a few lines of basic Python code.

Lifetime access to community and content library

Join a community of developers and market makers, and get lifetime access to BotCamp's expanding library of strategy teardowns, tutorial videos, and other quant trading content.

Watch what our students have to say about BotCamp



"I have never been hired for a coding job and I only studied computer science for two years, yet I was able to come up with a script that I'm proud of. I think everyone could do it. I also want to give a shout ut to Fede. Without his guidance, I could have not completed my strategy script."


"I wanted to be able to learn how to develop in Hummingbot because my goal is to do reinforcement learning with Hummingbot, which would involve me doing more than using someone else's scripts. It's also useful for people who just want learn the basic nuts and bolts of trading."


"Coding was my hobby before, but then I understood that I can make money from quant trading. For all the money I get from trading, I spend on my family's needs. I thought that Hummingbot scripts were just something simple, but I learned that scripts can implemetn complex logic and strategies too."

Accelerate your trajectory as a quant trader

Botcamp equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to compete with the pros

Hands-on training building strategies together

We believe the best way to learn market making is to write and run code together. Our bootcamp focuses on practical technical demos with quizzes, contents, homeworks, and example scripts contributed by our community of students.

1-1 mentorship and guidance

We offer 1-1 mentorship and guidance from our vetted community of mentors to offer you tailored help and support, whether its evaluating your strategy design, getting stuck with a bug in your code, or getting pointers to methods you can use to solve your problem.

Lifetime access to community of mentors and content library

Get ongoing access to current + new content, mentorship sessions, AMAs, scripts coding examples, strategy deep dives, and support from a community of peers that can help you execute your learnings.

Get certified ✓

Our Hummingbot community includes hedge funds and clients interested in working with our student developers. Receive a NFT certificate after course completion that expands your opportunities as a scripts developer.

Course content


Get access to a private Discord channel and watch the pre-work videos to get familiar with basic trading terminology, Hummingbot codebase, and the script design/submission process.

- [video] Botcamp - Basic Training

- [video] Intro to the Hummingbot codebase

- [video] Designing and contributing your script

Week 1

In the first live session, you'll learn how the course works, test your knowledge in quizzes about the pre-work, and sign up for mentor office hours. Your homework is to watch script teardown videos, start designing your custom script, and perform optional coding challenges.


- [video] Teardown: Simple Pure Market Making

- [code] Design your custom strategy using the template


- [code] Implement a simple arbitrage script

- [help] Submit questions for discussion during next live session

Week 2

During the second week's live session, we'll cover the basic theory and practice of two-sided market making strategies, code the simple arbitrage script implementation together, and provide feedback to student script designs.


- [video] Teardown: Simple XEMM

- [video] Teardown: Simple VWAP

- [code] Start coding your custom script


- [help] Get help from mentors during office hours

- [code] Extend the Simple PMM script with a dynamic price ceiling/floor feature

Week 3

In Week 3, you'll learn basic hedging techniques like cross-exchange market making, as well as advanced topics like accessing order book data. We'll also review the dynamic price ceiling/floor implementation.


- [code] Work on your custom script


- [help] Get help from mentors during office hours

Week 4-5

In Week 4 and 5, you'll get guidance from mentors in weekly office hours and work on your custom scripts that you will present in the final Demo Day session.


- [code] Submit a pull request with the code of your script

- [video] Create a video presenting your script


- [help] Get help from mentors during office hours

Week 6: Demo Day

In the final Demo Day session, students present their videos and vote for for their favorite script submissions. The top submissions receive HBOT token prizes and get their scripts merged into the Hummingbot codebase, while all qualifying scripts receive a Hummingbot Script Developer NFT certificate.

- [star] NFT certificates for qualifying scripts

- [star] HBOT rewards for winning and qualifying scripts

See what Botcamp students have built

Scripts created by students in prior Botcamp cohorts

Triangular arbitrage

To execute arbitrage trades on three markets of the same exchange when price discrepancy among those markets are found

PMM with adjusted mid pice

This is an example of a pure market making strategy with an adjusted mid price based on slippage

Simple RSI

This script aims to buy when RSI is below 30 and sell when above 70

Volume Pumpr

This script aims to maximize trading volume without losing (too much) money, prioritizing high volume, and low risk over profitability.

Trailing Geometric Grid

This script execute a trailing grid strategy with geometric price that increment & decrement.

1/N Index Portfolio

This strategy aims to create a 1/N cryptocurrency portfolio, providing perfect diversification without parametrization and giving a reasonable baseline performance.

Who is Botcamp for?

+ Industry professionals

For employees of crypto exchanges, funds and trading firms - uplevel your coding skills while learning the theory and practice of market making.

+ Crypto bot traders

Are you losing money on simple web-based trading bots that don't give you full control? Take Botcamp to learn how to create your own trading bots

+ Hummingbot users

Looking to improve your liquidity mining performance? Want to learn how to make money building Hummingbot strategies for customers? Take Botcamp to learn how to design and run profitable market making strategies.

Who is it not for?

- You want guaranteed profits

We will teach you how to design your script to hedge risks and to optimize for profitability. However, we cannot guarantee that your script will make money. Trading is competitive and every market is different, so it takes hard work and effort to craft a profitable strategy.

- You're looking for shortcuts and hacks

Botcamp mentors will teach you the skills and theory needed to build a profitable trading strategy. To get the most out of BotCamp however, you should be willing to put in the work needed to improve your strategy iteratively.

- You're code-averse

We teach Botcamp participants how to code their own trading strategies, because the most successful Hummingbot users are those who customize their bots. You just need basic Python skills and an aptitude to learn, and we'll teach you the rest!


+ How much does Botcamp cost?

The 6-week Botcamp course along with 1 year of access to the content library and community costs $1750. Students can also opt to take the course and get lifetime access to the content library and community for $3500. We will regularly add fresh content to the content library and introduce new modules accessible by all students in the Botcamp community.

+ Can I apply for a scholarship to Botcamp?

We may have a few extra spots for scholarships on a highly selective basis.

+ How many students are in a cohort?

Currently, each cohort is capped at 30 students so that we and our mentors devote hands-on, 1:1 coaching time to help each student build their custom script. Students can book office hours with mentors and opt into 1:1 sessions with other students to learn collaboratively. At the end of Botcamp, students present the scripts they have built to the community at Demo Day.

+ How much coding knowledge is required?

Our scripts developer course requires only basic knowledge in coding - having taken any computer programming 101 course is fine. The scripts are designed to be simple and can be creating with 40 lines of code. We will also provide a dedicated onboarding guide for students who have less developer experience.

+ How can I assess if my coding knowledge is sufficient?

As students will need to build their own algo trading script to get certified, here are some sample scripts from the Hummingbot codebase: Simple, Intermediate, Advanced.

At a minimum, students should be able to basically understand the Python code in the Simple script and want to learn how to build the Intermediate and Advanced scripts.

+ How much time should be spent in the program?

Students typically spend a few hours per week in the program, while we are flexible on your schedule and time. That said, how much you get is based on how much you spend learning and reaching out to our community of mentors and students. The goal of the courses is to provide you with an overview of the knowledge, and pointers for you to continue work on your own based on your goals. Reach out to our mentors who will be able to provide you with 1-1 guidance if needed!

+ What can you do after being certified?

We will be opening up the Hummingbot community to partnerships with hedge funds and exchanges very soon, and there will be opportunities for developers to submit their own strategy / improvement proposals or collaborate with different people in the community to contribute to the Hummingbot codebase and earn rewards. Stay tuned!

+ Is there a Refund Policy?

Botcamp only allows refunds within 14 days of your payment and before the start of the cohort, whichever date is earlier.

Learn to code crypto trading bots

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