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Docker Installation Guide - Running a Configurable Script

Simple PMM (config) Example

Let's use the script. This is a configurable script which will create orders for a token pair in paper trading mode. For configurable scripts, the first step is to create a config file. Here's how to create one:

create --script-config simple_pmm_example_config

When you use the create --script-config and press SPACE Hummingbot will display available scripts in the scripts folder, as shown below.

Alt text

If you don't see any scripts under the /scripts folder, run these commands in the terminal to make them appear:

sudo chmod -R a+rw ./hummingbot_files
docker cp hummingbot:/home/hummingbot/scripts-copy/. ./hummingbot_files/scripts/

Select the script and press ENTER.

Alt text

You will then be guided to configure the settings. At this stage, you may modify the options or simply hit ENTER to accept the default values. After finalizing the configuration, name the config file and press ENTER to save it.

Alt text

Once the config is saved we can now launch the script. Enter the command below to launch the script!

start --script --conf conf_simple_pmm_example_config_1.yml

Note that the autocomplete will popup after pressing SPACE after both the --script and --conf parameters so you can just select the correct script / config file from the list and then press ENTER

Alt text

After pressing ENTER you should be able to see activity in the log pane. Use the status command for more details or press CTRL + S. It should resemble the screen below.


Alt text

To stop the script from running, type the stop command in the Hummingbot terminal


Download Order Book Data

Let's try another example and this time we'll try to fetch order book data using the script.

This script is pre-configured to download the "ETH-USDT" & "BTC-USDT" pairs using Binance paper trade.

Use the following command in the Hummingbot terminal to start the script:

start --script

Alt text

Once you press ENTER, the script will start running and downloading the order book information. Give this a few minutes as it will take some time to download the data.

Initially, the log pane may display binance is not ready. Please wait... while downloading. You can ignore this message.

After a few minutes check the hummingbot_files/data folder and you should see the following text files:


Back in the Hummingbot terminal, if the log pane still shows binance is not ready. Please wait.... just send the stop command to halt the bot.

Congratulations! You've successfully run your first two scripts. Next, we'll learn how to connect API keys for live trading.

Connecting your API Keys